Have you repeatedly lost money while trying to make purchase online that you are now skeptical about online stores? Do you want to know if you should trust diskfinanci.com or not?

No doubts scammers are all over the internet devising new means to dupe people of their hard earned money. These scammers own and control many online store which they use for their fraudulent activities. However, do not worry Derealestreviews got you covered, it is our pleasure to always keep you updated with information and tips that will keep you safe from the activities of these fraudsters.

Today we have a lot to tell you about Diskfinanci com, a website that claims to base in the united states and sells men’s outfits.

What Is Diskfinanci.com?

Diskfinanci.com also known as diskfinanci is a website that that claims to sell men’s wears. This website claims to sell quality men’s coats and jackets at a very cheap rate. A study on this website has reveled to us some irregularities that suggests that this website may be owned by fraudsters.

Specification Of Diskfinanci.com

Website’s Name: Diskfinanci.com

Physical Address: 11731 Cedar Lane, Chester, Virginia 23831, United States

Email Address: info@diskfinanci.com

Phone Number: (804)590-6773

Registration Date: 2023-03-08

Expiry Date: 2024-03-08

Payment Method: Credit and debit cards

Shipping Policy: According to the website, delivery is worldwide and shipping time is 3-12 business days.

Refund Policy: Customers have 30 calendar days to return an item from the date they received it. The company only refund if the items are defective or damaged.

Open Hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST

Negative Highlights

Fake Office Address

The physical office address (11731 Cedar Lane, Chester, Virginia 23831, United States) provided on this website is fake, We discovered that the property is a 1762 Square Feet single family home and never a store or a warehouse.

No Social Media Presence

This online store does not have a social media handle, it is unusual for an e-commerce based business to have no social media presence. social media in recent time has become an important means of promoting businesses, It also gives customers an avenue to express how they feel concerning services they received from an organization. Therefore it is not out of place to say that any online business without a social media handle should not be trusted.

High Discount On Items

Diskfinanci.com sells its products at a very cheap rate, this high discount tagged on the coats and jackets is suspicious, every business owner makes decisions that are profitable to his or her organization. That is to say that the prices tagged on the products sold on this website look too good to be true, it either mean that this high discount rates are there to lure customers for scam or a customer will be receiving a low quality product.

Is Diskfinanci.com A Legit Or Scam Website?

This online store named diskfinanci.com does not look genuine, a study on this website reviled a number of calculated irregularities targeted at deceiving customers. Imagine using a residential home address as the store’s physical address, this means that a customer who wishes to visit the store or return a product will end up being disappointed on getting to the supposed store address.

Tips For Spotting A Scam Online Stores

Below are some tips that will help you in spotting fake online stores, they are the things you need to know and lookout for whenever you want to confirm if a website or an online store is safe for you to buy from. We have made it easy and simple for you, all you need to do is to go through them, keep them in mind and apply them whenever you are considering to shop from an online store.

Check the padlock in the address bar: This is because hacker sometimes use URL similar to that of a particular site, they do this to deceive customers making it difficult for them to differentiate the main website from the fake one. this type of cloned website is mostly used to steal an people’s sensitive information. Therefore always confirm the name and other properties of a website before putting in your sensitive information especially, your financial details.

Check the company’s social media presence: If a company or a store you are planning to shop from has no social media handle, then it is not safe. Social media handles are important to both the company owners and the customers. This is because a customer can easily go to a company’s social media page and express any ill treatment given to him or her by the company, such expression serves as a warning to other intending customers and as a call to do better for the company if they are genuine. This is very important in a case of scam because it crates awareness to the public and eventually put a stop to the scam but in a situation where the company has no social media page, the scam will go on and on without the public having an idea.

Verify the company’s contact info: Check the physical address of any store you intend to buy from, confirm their physical address by searching for the address on google, this will help you to know if the address actually belong to the company or not. it is important also to check if the phone numbers provided is functional as well as the email address.

Verify the website’s trust seal: Check If the website has trust seals such as the TrustedSite certification, are stamps created by a certificate authority (CA) to verify the authenticity of a website.


Diskfinanci.com in our opinion is not a a safe website to shop from, we observed many red flags that suggests that this website may be owned by scammers whose objectives are to take away from people that which they labored for by pretending to be an online store selling men’s coats and jackets.

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