is a website where a lot of fashion products are sold. Do you want to buy from this online store? Hold on, there are things you need to consider before shopping from this website.

We have discovered major red flags that you should consider before going into any financial deals with this website. Secondly, this review will open your eyes to to the major tricks scam website owners use to lure and defraud unsuspecting customers of their hard earned fortunes.

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What Is Esaipros All About? is an online store that claims to sell different kinds of female wears. On esaipro online store, you will find different designs of clothes and foot wears displayed for sell at a very cheap price.

According to the website, these wears are of good quality in spite of the huge discounts tagged on them. Surprising, isn’t it?

The discounts seen on the products sampled on the website ranges from 5% to 99% and in addition to this are other benefits such as giveaway. Sounds too good to be true right? You will understand more as we go further.

Why We Think You Should Avoid

In this section we are going to discuss in details, all that we have found to careful with and other websites with similar features.

This section will also give you insight on what to look out for in any online store before going ahead to make any financial commitment with such store or company. Has A Poor Customer Service

A good customer service is an important feature of any online business especially when it involves the delivery of goods to various parts of the world. Further more, good communication between customers and store owners is the most important part of customer care.

Unfortunately, is lacking in terms of good communication, the email address and phone number made available to customers by the operators of this website are not functional.

As part of our investigation, we sent several enquiry messages to the email address but never got a response and when we dialed the number, we found out that it does not exist.

Esaipros Has No Official Social Media Handle

Another suspicious thing about this website is their absence on social media platforms. The Facebook and Tiktok icon seen on the website leads to nowhere, if you click on the facebook icon, you will notice it leads to 404 error while that of Tiktok leads to Tiktok platform but not the website’s tiktok handle.

You must be wondering why it is so, right? The answer is simple, scam stores shy away from social media because they do not want their victims will come to their social media page to lay complains which may go viral and of course alert the public about their fraudulent activities.

If not so why will an online store shy away from social media which has grown to become one of the most important tool for business promotion and advertisement. On a second note, social media is also an important channel of communication between business owners and their customers.

Unrealistic Discounts

The outrageous discount rates tagged on the products soled on seem too good to be true. Scam stores use excessive discounts of such to entice their victims. Therefore, it is advisable to stay away from online stores who claim to sell their products with a very high discounts.

The Website Is Newly Registered is a newly registered website, the website was registered on the 2nd of March 2023 and will expire on 2nd of March 2024. In other words, the website is still young and has not stood the test of time. It further means that it has no history and can easily be discarded.

Poor Security Features

This is not a well secured website. It lacks security measures necessary for protecting customers data. McAfee and Norton offer better data protection and unfortunately neither of them is offering security to the website.

Is Esaipros com Legit Or Scam?

lookin at the various issues pointed out above, It is obvious that is a suspicious website that should be watched closely. The store has a lot of of red flags that should not be neglected and as such, customers should trade with caution while going into any financial deal with this store.

How Tips For Spotting A Scam Website

  • Check the company’s social media presence
  • Review the company’s contact info
  • Verify the website’s trust seal
  • Check the padlock in the address bar


In our opinion, we do not consider genuine, this is is because we detected a lot of irregularities on the website which we have already discussed above. However, data used in this review were manually collected an as such, may not be free from errors.

Therefore, we once again encourage customers to carry out individual investigations before making payments to this website.

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