Have you received the ongoing Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Text Message – Miss Reschedule Delivery which says – delivery was missed and they need to reschedule a delivery! It is a scam! Don’t be deceived.

Many people have fallen for this text scam. This article is an eye opener. It will really be helpful to you.

What Is Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Text Message – Miss Reschedule Delivery All About?

It is a Scam Text sent by scammers who intend to defraud people. The message is being designed in a legitimate manner for you to think it is from a legitimate authority. It says – delivery was missed and they need to reschedule a delivery.

Don’t dare click on the link. It contains some malwares that could be harmful to your phone or laptop.

How Does Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Message Works?

The way The Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Message works is by sending random emails to people. Anyone that thinks that message is from a legit source and clinks on the attached link, will be asked to provided personal information — like password, account number, or Social Security number.

If they get that information, they could gain access to your email, bank, or other accounts. Or they could sell your information to other scammers.

The Text Comes In This Format

From: +44 7718 864987

Evri:We missed you! Our driver Jamie attempted delivery, but you weren’t home. To reschedule delivery visit: evri-slot-rebooking.com

What To Do When You Receive Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Message.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is aware of this phishing and has tips on how to be safe from this kind of scam.

  • you should never click a link or call back the number from an unexpected delivery notice
  • Instead, contact the company directly using a verified number or website.

Tips To Identify Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Message And Avoid Being Scammed.

  • When it threatens to stop your account
  • Requests for personal and/or financial information.
  • Links to misspelled or slightly altered website addresses, such as “fedx.com” or “fed-ex.com.”
  • Spelling and grammatical errors or excessive use of capitalization and exclamation points.
  • Certificate errors or lack of online security protocols for sensitive activities.


Having seen what Evri Slot Rebooking Scam Message entails and how it works, It is best for you not to click on the link or call back their any number attached to the message if or when you receive such message. Instead, delete the message instantly and don’t forget to inform you loved ones to be aware. The text is just like Digitalizze Scam Text, eFlow Scam Text, Post Office Delivery Scam Text, Venmo Scam Text etc

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