Do you want shop from Do you want to know if your money is safe when you transact with this website, or have you been a victim of online scam and you afraid you might be scammed again when you shop from macysclearance?

If one or more of the above questions are running through your mind, worry no more because we have got the answers to all your questions and all you need to to is to spare some time and read through.

What Is All About? is a website that displays variety of clothes and claims to sell them at a very cheap and affordable prices. But does the owners of this website keep to their promise? Do they live up to their customers expectations? All that we are going to discuss in this review but before then, lets quickly give you some of the specifications of this website in order to help you understand what we are going to tell you about this website better.

Site Specifications

Company Name: Fadel-Beatty Limited

Web Address:

Office Address: SUITE 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, AbbeyLands,NavanMeath, C15 DD72, Ireland


Phone Number: 0755-83146654

Date Of Registration: 2023-03-07

Date Of Expiration: 2024-03-07

Mode Of Payment: Shipping Policy: According to the website, shipping services is worldwide and orders are processed within 5 to 7 business days. arrival at the customers destination depends on the delivery location, 5 t0 10 working days for local flights and 7 to 15 days for international flights.

Return Policy: Within 14 days of receipt of the product.

Positive Highlights About This Website

  1. Certificate is valid
  2. Website is secured

Negative Highlights About This Website:

Owner’s identity is hidden

The true identity of the owners of this website is unkwown, the owner is hiding his identity on using a paid service.

Suspicious Company Name And Address

The following registration address; SUITE 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, AbbeyLands,NavanMeath, C15 DD72, Ireland and company name Fadel-Beatty Limited used in this website has also been used by some suspicious websites such as and that we have already reviewed in some of our previous posts. This is a red flag and puts a big question mark on the authenticity of this website.

Absence Of Social Media Handles has no official social media handle linked to it. in recent years, social media handles has become one of the major instrument of marketing, therefore for an online store like macysclearance not to have a single social media handle is strange and shouldn’t be ignored.

Too Good To Be True Discount Rates

The high discount rates or low prices of goods seen on this website may be a way of luring customers to the website and it has been a the method used by scammers to get more people to make make purchase from their website and leave them in regrets at the end. Again this website is less than a month old one will be wondering how a very young store manages to sell their products at very low prices as seen on the website.

Is macysclearance a scam or legit website to buy from?

Based on our analysis, macysclearance com does not fully represent a genuine website, we have found and discussed some of these red flags on the negative highlights section of these review. The website shares a lot in common with other confirmed scam stores especially in company’s name and address. It also uses the same pattern as those other websites we have already confirmed to be scam.

In conclusion, we do not recommend this website to anyone and we strongly advice anyone who still wishes to buy from this website to make further research in order to avoid regrets that may come with it.

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