Did you stumbled on Make-hntd.beauty website? Do you want to know sign up to start earning money from home? DON’T do that yet. There are some inconsistences associated with Make-hntd.

This article serves as an eye opener. Keep reading to find out the details about this website and why some users flagged it fraudulent.

What Is Make-hntd All About:

Make-hntd is located at Make-hntd.beauty. It is a platform that claims to be a golden opportunity for people to work online and make money. It also claims that you can make money online with your mobile phone and earn $300 a Day.

Interestingly, this website claims to have 250000+ users, Paid $7+ million to people and has 1682+ verified sponsors

How To Make Money On Make-hntd.beauty?

According to the website, One can earn $25 just by signing up to Make-hntd.beauty. The also claim that it is easy to join and they don’t share your info.

Secondly, You can earn money by watching videos, playing games, testing apps and more.

Thirdly, Get your money when and how you want them! We can be paid by mail by check, PayPal, Cash App, Bitcoin and other mainstream payment methods.

The earnings are mind blowing right? Keep reading to find out if this site really lives up to its claims.


  • Website name: Make-hntd.beauty.
  • Email: Not Available
  • Registered On: 2022-10-27
  • Expires On: 2023-10-27
  • Contact address: Not mentioned.
  • Contact number: Not mentioned.
  • Type of Product Name: Its a money earning App.
  • Social media links: Not mentioned

Important Things to Know About Make-hntd.beauty

SSL Encrypted

The URL of Cashjob site starts with HTTPS. This shows that the website is secured.

Recently Registered

According to Who.is a domain checker, the website was recently registered on October 2022. It is not even up to six months old.

No Contact Info

There is no information to contact the people behind this website. There is no address, email or phone number to contact them.

No Social Media Presence

Make-hntd failed to provide links to their social media pages. Perhaps, they are scared of being exposed by the social media authorities.

Is  Make-hntd.beauty A Scam?

Having seen the above analysis,  Make-hntd.beauty is a viral website designed by scammers to lure and defraud un suspecting individual. The claims of having 250000+ users, Paid $7+ million to people and has 1682+ verified sponsors are false. Don’t be carried away by the huge amount of money mentioned. Just like cashjob you will not get any money rather you will be defrauded.

Tips To Know Its A Scam:

  • The website is no longer active or redirects to another website.
  • You cannot withdraw your money or they want you to pay more to get your money back.

Have You Been Scammed?

Incase if you have been Scammed, the best thing to do is go the website, and file a dispute within 180 calendar days of your singing up.

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