Oiyiutfch.com is not a legit online store. It pretends to be selling various women’s clothes, like jackets, dresses, sweatshirts etc. for very cheap prices. However, it is nothing more than a scam in reality.

It receives payments from customers and fails to deliver the items to them. Sometimes, it sends items that are of inferior materials to the customers.

Are you among the online shoppers that is wondering if Oiyiutfch.com is a safe and reliable online store? Search no further, I have made a thorough research about this store and I discovered some red flags that shouldn’t be ignored. This article also contains tips to spot other scam stores and how to avoid being their victim.

Why Are We Writing About Oiyiutfch.com Website?

The scam site has those common scam features: entice customers with unrealistic deals, collect payment and personal information, and then never fulfill orders. Just take little of your time and read through this page. This review is an eye opener. I hope it helps you to make the right decision.

Why Should You Believe Us?

Getting ripped off while trying to shop online can be very annoying and devastating. Here in the DerealestReviews platform, we the cybersecurity analysts have taken the responsibility of writing on various kinds of scams. ranging from online store scams, phishing scams, fake products etc. on daily basis. Today, we have brought to you the details about Oiyiutfch.com website. Therefore, it is of your best interest to read through this article so as to avoid falling a victim.

Overview Of Oiyiutfch.com Website

Oiyiutfch.com is a website that claims to be selling variety of women’s clothes like casual dresses, tops, bottoms etc. for a very discounted price. It claims to be rendering final sale of 90% off. This sounds interesting right, keep reading to see if this store lives up to its claims.

Red Flags Of Oiyiutfch.com Website.

Negative Reviews From Customers

Oiyiutfch.com already has bad reputation online. During our in-depth investigations, I found a negative review online where some users were calling it a scam. This is common with most fraudulent sites.

See reviews below-

Be careful with this website advertising for various items at low prices however it’s actually a scam
The website is linked to a network of deceptive websites all share the same theme, pictures, prices, content, and more.

Oiyiutfch.com Has No Business Address

There is no physical business address provided on the Contact Us Page of the Oiyiutfch.com website. How then can customers locate the store in case of return of goods? Absolutely no means!

Website Creation

According to Who.is {a domain checker} Oiyiutfch.com website was registered on 27th January 2024 and will expire 27th January 2025. This shows that the website was created not quite long ago and it can be disposed easily, Therefore, the website is not trustworthy and should not be taken serious.

Uses Same Contents And Images Used By Fraudulent Websites

Oiyiutfch.com website is no doubt among the chain of online scam stores. Its contents and images are same with some websites that have been flagged fraudulent by both scam detectors and online shoppers. Some of such websites are Quvwrshop Fanssneakers Caiseiom Oseaion, Seedheritageoutlet, Zhogymwear etc.

Poor Customer Support System:

Genuine stores make good customer support system their priority. They actualize it by ensuring that there are workable email address and phone number available on the site so that customers will be able to reach them anytime any day.

The case of Oiyiutfch.com scam store is quite different. the email address provided on the Contact Us page as support@oiyiutfch.com is not functional. Moreover, there is no phone number provided. How then can customers get in touch with this store after placing orders? Absolutely no means.

Outrageous discounts:

The 90% discounts on the various items seen on the website is undoubtedly a tool to lure in unsuspecting customers in order to scam them. No legit online store offers such reckless discount. This technique has been found to be common among scam stores. I have reviews such largeliguidtor.com, Tvdealshop.com, Akingcrab.com online stores some time ago.

No Social Media Presence

Having social media presence helps businesses to grow. So, almost every genuine online online stores use various social media platforms to promote their businesses. Unlike Oiyiutfch scam store that refuses to provide social media icons on its website. This evident that the scammers behind the store are scared of being exposed by various social media influencers..

Lacks Security Measures:

Oiyiutfch.com is not a well secured website, it is not secured with Norton or McAfee making it highly prone to cyber attack from hackers who may tamper with sensitive and confidential data of customers.

Features of Oiyiutfch.com

  • Web Address: Oiyiutfch.com
  • Website’s Physical Address: Not Provided
  • Website’s Creation: 27th January 2024
  • Website’s Expiration: 27th January 2025
  • Website’s Email Address: support@oiyiutfch.com
  • Website’s Phone Number: Not Provided
  • Products Available On The Website: Joke items
  • Payment Method: credit/debit card

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Items Does Oiyiutfch.com Sell? Artificial Trees

What Is Oiyiutfch.com Refund Policy? Within 14 days of receiving the product

What is Oiyiutfch.com store Shipping policy? Free shipping on orders above 40 USD

Is Oiyiutfch.com A Legit Or Scam Online Store?

As stated above, Oiyiutfch.com has no business address, was recently registered, sells goods at a very cheap prices, poor customer support systems, no social media presence and its not properly secured. In view of all that, customers are advised to avoid this store so that they don’t get scammed.

Will You Be Safe When You Use PayPal To Make Purchase From Oiyiutfch.com?

No, It is not absolutely guaranteed that your money is safe after making payments with PayPal.

Scammers exploit is a major issue with PayPal’s system. You purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a genuine and complete transaction which is almost impossible to dispute.

Beware of scam online stores
Beware Of Oiyiutfch.com

Tips for Spotting Scam Websites And Online Stores

Check the Age Of The Website

To do this; visit whois.com, then enter the name of the website and click on the search button. The date of its registration and other information about the web site will be displayed for you to see.

Verify Their Physical Location

To do this, copy the address provided on the website and past on your Google browser. With the aid of the Google map you will able to know if the address exist or not and it will also help you to know if it’s actually a warehouse address or a residential address.

 Check Reviews

It is important you checkout what other customers have to say about the store you are about to shop from. You can do this by going through the customers reviews if available on the website. In the absence of reviews, we are always available to help you know if a store is legit or not, all you have to do is to send us a mail.

Social Media Handle

It is also advisable to know if a store’s social media handle is functional before you consider buying from them. Fraudulent companies and stores provide nonfunctional social media icons on their websites, when you click on such Icons they won’t direct you to their social media handle.


Oiyiutfch.com is an online store owned by scammers who entice buyers with outrageous discounts. Please don’t be a victim! The store failed our authenticity test, and as such we don’t recommend it to anyone.

Shopping from this store makes you vulnerable to hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, you would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.

This store is just like Unctual.top, Nanatn.com, Cdfgv.com and many others that we reviewed earlier.

Do These If You Have Been Scammed

Contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction.

Update your passwords

Beware of any fraudulent email that comes from Oiyiutfch.com. Do not click on any link attached to it.

If you used PayPal, contact them and ask them to open a dispute. They will reverse the payment and block the seller.

Don’t forget Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at https://reportfraud.ftc.gov/ and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at https://www.bbb.org/scamtracker/. Reach out to them and report the website.


This review is based on our findings and opinion. We may not have all the information needed about the online store. We advise potential customers to make more research before buying from this store.

If you have shopped from this store, you can share your experience with us on the comment session.

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