The website also known as orggar displays a variety of products for sell. However, majority of people are afraid that they may loose their money on the website thus, want to know if they should trust the website or not.

In respect to the above, we have taken our time to gather information about this website and that we are going to tell you in details as we proceed. We are going to tell you what this website stands for, the good side of it and the bad side too. We are going to point out to you many reasons why you should or not buy from this website. Therefore we enjoin you to sit tight while with furnish you with all you need to know about this store. What Is It? is an online store that calms to sell variety of custom products, these products include, clothing, shoes, bags and jewelries.

They claim to sell custom wears for both men and ladies. they have also boosted of delivering these custom products to all parts of the country and are timely in doing so.

Recently, this store has been reported by many other scam dectectors due to the malicious activities they have been found to engage in. Before we go further please read the specifications of this website below for a better understanding and why we do not consider it safe.

Site Specifications

  • Company Name: Fadel-Beatty Limited
  • Web Address:
  • Date Of Registration: 2022-10-14
  • Date Of Expiration: 2023-10-14
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: Not Provided
  • Shipping Policy: Three shipping options are available and they are – Standard Shipping  7.99USD, Vip Shipping 12.99USD, Free Shipping orders>49.98USD
  • Return Policy: As stated on the website, items can be returned 30 days after delivery or 45 days after shipment if the delivery date cannot be traced. Orders shipped to Brazil or Russia can be returned within 60 days after shipment. 

Why We Consider Unsafe

Suspicious Office Address

The office address provided on this website has been used by many other scam websites. this is a big red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. Looking closely one will see that it was stated on the website that the so called office address is not the returning address then one may ask, where is the returning address?

Poor Customer Support System

Orggar com has poor customer support services, the website has no phone number attached to it, messages we sent to the email were not responded to. This is not a good sign for a company that sells goods to people in different parts of the world. The absence of return address is another thing that shouldn’t be ignored, how can a company with return policy be without a returning address?

Outrageous Discounts

A website as young as is not expected to sell products at with such discounts as high as 80%. It has been noticed over time that scammers use high discount rates to attract and defraud customers of their money.

Lacks Quality:

The faces of the models on Orggar com were cropped out. This simply means that the images are not originally from this store. They were stolen from another website. Hence customers will receive goods of low quality that are quite different from the advertised ones.

No Social Media Presence.

There is no social media icon provided on this website. Meaning that this store does not have any social media presence. It is suspicious for an online store that claims to be selling multiple goods not to have social media presence.

Conclusion: is not a genuine website. They use low price tags on goods to lure customers and at the end leave them in tears and regrets. therefore, we do not recommend orggar. com to anyone. it is not safe, the website was set up to steal from people what they worked for.

The website lacks quality and structure. There is no reasonable customer support, office address is fake, no return address, phone numbers are not available and all these are confirmation that the website is owned by fraudulent people and therefore we once again advice customers to avoid the website and others that share common feature with it.

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