Do you desire sparkling white teeth? Have you been looking for the best means to achieve this? Have you been told about orthosparkle toothbrush and you are wondering if this new product works just as said? If so we have put together this honest review to help you with all you need to know about this product and what other people who used this product have to say.

What Is Orthosparkle Toothbrush?

Orthosparkle toothbrush is U-shaped automated toothbrush, it claims to be the first automated toothbrush of the modern era. Orthosparkle toothbrush is equipped with many features for efficient cleaning and whitening of the teeth. It has 3 functional modes to meet the dental needs of a person and is compactible with dental prostheses.

The mouthpiece of this toothbrush uses ultra-Vibration technology,  which makes 670 brushes per minute, using 5,000 to 8,000 rapid vibrating movements. The built-in LED blue light finalizes the whitening of the teeth and removes stubborn stains from the teeth.

Claimed Advantages Of Using Orthosparkle Toothbrush

Built-in LED blue light: The function of this built-in LED blue light to whiten the teeth while brushing.

Antibacterial Mouthpiece: OrthoSparkle’s medical-grade silicone prevents and kills up to 99% of bacteria.

Three Brushing Modes: Orthosparkle toothbrush has three optional modes which allows one to set the brush to sooth one’s dental needs. These three modes are:

  • Whitening mode.
  • Comfortable cleaning mode for gum massage.
  • Power brushing mode for deep cleaning.

Short Brushing Time: The ultra-vibration technology used in this device makes about 670 brushes per minute, using 5,000 – 8,000 rapid vibrating movements to efficiently clean your teeth. This generally shortens total brushing time to less than a minute.

Waterproof: Orthosparkle tooth brush is completely waterproof, so does not spoil when it comes in contact with water.

Built-in Lithium-ion Battery: The tooth brush is equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Fequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you put toothpaste on OrthoSparkle? Yes, orthosparkle toothbrush is used with toothpaste.
  2. How do I clean my brush head? This toothbrush is cleaned by rinsing with hot water before and after each brush.
  3. I have implants in my mouth, will this loosen up my implants? Yes, it is safe to use this toothbrush on implants.

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the review comments on, a website where this product is sold.

Less than a month of using this toothbrush I am already feeling the difference it makes on my teeth and gums. The best toothbrush ever. Love it!”

Andrew T

Easy to use and fits perfectly in my mouth, my teeth feels supper smooth like I’ve just been for a cleaning at the dentist. I’ve only been using it for a couple of weeks but I’ve already noticed a significant improvement.

Mark D

It cleans much better than a regular toothbrush and has excellent whitening capabilities. It definitely whitens better than those strips you can get too.

Jessica H.

Is Orthosparkle Toothbrush Safe And Efficient or Scam?

In conclusion, There seem to be no reliable information as to whether this toothbrush works as claimed by the manufactures or not. The all-positive reviews seen on the official website does not seem genuine rather, they look fabricated. Secondly, this product has not undergone enough medical and dental test to ascertain if it actually works or not, this also means that the dangers or likely hazards associated with this product are yet to be known.

However, the result of the only clinical test carried out to determine the efficacy of U-shaped automated electric toothbrush (UAET) concluded that the regular manual toothbrush does a better job when compared to UAET, the test also showed that brushing with UAETs is as good as not brushing at all. Therefore, until a clinical trial proves otherwise, we do not recommend orthosparkle toothbrush for regular oral hygiene.

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