Do yo want to shop from Have you stumbled on this site while searching for a genuine and reliable online shop to buy clothes from? Do you want to know if this website is safe, reliable and free from scam activities?

Which ever may be the case, you will find this review helpful because it contains all the information you may need about this online store. Furthermore, the information contained in the review was put together after a critical analysis and research we carried out on this website and it’s activities.

What Is is a website that claims to sell ladies wears online, they claim to be a global online store that delivers latest fashion apparel to customers worldwide.

Clothes, bags and shoes of different designs displayed on the website for sell. in addition the these items are jewelries of different kinds. These items are sold at giveaway prices and the discounts are huge too. The online store sells its products with outrageous discounts up to 70%.

More so, the website claims that its products are genuine and are of a very good quality. However, there are a lot of controversies concerning the store, a lot of people believe it the be a scam and while others don’t, and as a result of that, we are going to unravel the truth about this online store.

Site Specifications

Web Address:

Company Name: Kentesh LTD

Physical Address: Signature 15 St Helens Place London

Company Reg. Number: C3A6DQ

Email Address:

Return Address: Not provided

Phone Number: Not Provided

Products Available On The Website: female clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries.

Date Registered:  2023-03-30

Expiry Date:  2024-03-30

Payment Method: credit/debit card

Store Policies

Shipping Policy

According to the company, they ship product to all parts of the world. Orders are shipped within 10-15 business days of being placed. There may be delays on busy days and orders are being processed only on weekdays. Ordinary shipping takes about 7 to 15 days while express shipping takes between to 7 fays. tracking numbers are also sent to customers to allow them monitor the movement of their goods

Refund Policy:

According to the company, they offer full refund on damaged or faulty products. However, a customer has 48 hours to contact the company upon receiving such product. In addition, the customer is expected to attach a photo of the damaged or faulty product and forward to the company.

Customers also have the right to apply for return and refund within 14 days of receiving a product, However, such product must be returned intact, unused and must be in its original packaging.

Features Of

Positive Features

  • Valid SSL Certificate: has a valid SSL certificate and hypertext transfer protocol secure is present on the site, making it safe for customers.
  • Customer-friendly Policies: The refund and return policies of this website are flexible and customer-friendly.

Negative Features

  • The store has no official social media handle: The absence of an official social media handle for this store does not speak well of the store. Social media platforms are used by store owners to promote their business and receive feedbacks from customers. Unfortunately scam stores avoid social media platforms because they give customers the opportunity to circulate information regarding the scam activities of such website to the public.
  • Absence of customer reviews: There are no customer customer ratings or or reviews on customer ratings and reviews are important as they give new and potential customers an idea of how the store operates. it also enables potential customers to know what to expect from a website they want to shop from. Online stores with genuine intentions usually include customer review option to their website while scam stores do not and this is because they are afraid the negative review comments from unsatisfied customers.
  • Poor Customer Support: The absence of a phone number on the website suggests a poor customer support, this is because customers will be left with no alternative channel to contact the store when their mails are not attended to or when they have an urgent need to contact the store.

Is A Genuine Or Scam Website?

After a carful analysis on the features of, we found a number of reasons to say that this online store is suspicious. As discussed above this store lacks some of the basic features or qualities of a reliable online store.

Another big red flag about this store is the fact that they sell their products at a very cheap rate with about 70% discount. this is very outrageous for an online store that is less than six months old. It is not new that scam store owners use extremely cheap price to lure their victims.

Finally, we acknowledge that we may not have all the necessary information needed to pronounce scam or legit. However, we advice customers to put into consideration all that we have pointed out in this review and to also do some research on their own before going into any financial deals with store.

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