Do you want shop from Have you been wondering if it is a legit or fake online store? It is important for one to be very careful while making purchases online, this is because scammers are not relenting in their effort to dupe innocent people of their hard earned money through fake websites and online stores. In this review we are going to talk about an online store named Trankaues which claims to sell variety of items.

What Is Trankaues Reviews All About? is a website that claims to sell clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries and other items. the website claims to sell and ship this products to all parts of the world at a very cheap price. As seen on the website, this store is owned by Fadel-beatty limited, a company based in Ireland. however, this company name has been used by some fake online stores that we have already reviewed. but be fore we go into details about it, read the important specifications of the website below.

Site Specifications

Company name: Not Provided on the website

Company Address: Suite 10542, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Abbeylands, Navan Meath,C15DD72, Ireland

Web Address:

Email Address:

Phone number: Not provided on the website

Date of Registration: 2023-03-01

Date of Expiration: 2024-03-01

Items Sold: Variety of of items including clothes, jewelries, shoes, bags, adult and more.

Mode Of Payment: Credit and debit cards

Shipping Policy: Free shipping for orders greater than $29. Order processing time is 2 business day while order shipping time 5 to 12 working days.

Refund Policy: As stated on the website, customers have the right to request a return within 14 days of receiving the product.

Major Shortcomings of

Suspicious Company Name And Address

The company name and address used on has been used by many other fake stores. The company Fadel-beatty may be a genuine company but unfortunately many fraudulent stores use its name an address on their websites.

High Discount Hate

The store sells its products with a high discount. High discounts is one of the tactics used by scammer to attract customers. Genuine stores do not sell their goods at such giveaway prices as seen on the and customers who pay for goods with such discount end up getting inferior goods or nothing at all.

Poor customer support

This store has a poor customer support, the only means of communication provided in this website is the email address. there is no phone number for customers to call if there is need and unfortunately, the email seem to be inactive because messages we sent to this email some days ago are yet to be replied to.

Absence On Social Media

Another red flag about this website is the fact that they do not have a social media page. social media is very important in ecommerce, store owners use it to promote their business, it also gives customers an avenue to talk about how good or bad the services of the concern company are and for this reason, fake stores usually avoid social media.

Conclusion failed our authenticity test as an online store, it lacks a number of features that makes such website genuine and as a result we do not recommend this website. More so, the use of Fadel-beatty as its parent company name when the same company name has been used by some known fake stores such as is worrisome. Therefore we urge customers to carryout further investigation before trusting this website with their money.

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