Did you pay for an item on auristi.com but you are yet to receive it? Does it feel like you have been scammed? Well, you may be right! However, this review will explain to you all you need to know about this online store and what you need to do in order to get back your money.


About The website:

Auristi.com is a website that claims to beautiful jewelries and sunglasses. Despite being newly registered, this website sells products at a very cheap price.

We have received some complaints from customers regarding some dishonest activities attributed to this store and for that reason, we decided to carry out an authenticity test on the website to ascertain if the website is genuine or fake.

Why You Should Avoid Auristi.com:

Due to the complaints we received from different customers regarding Auristi.com, we decided to carryout some cheches on the website to see if the store is guilty of all that have been said about them. Bellow are our findings:

1. Auristi.com Has A Poor Customer Support:

A good customer support is one of the most important features of a genuine online store. However, auristi.com has a very poor customer service. the email info@auristi.com does not function and messages sent to it are not replied to.

Just as in cyiarafa.shop, enquiry mails i sent to the store a week ago is yet to be replied to. Secondly, there is no phone number on the website and this means that customers will not be able to contact the company if they have a need tp do so.

2. The Store Has No Physical Office Or Store Address:

No physical office address was mad available on the website and that is another striking red flag about this website that shouldn’t be ignored. This is because, a customer who desires to return a product due to damage of poor quality will have to address to send the goods back to.

3. Auristi Sells Goods With High Discount Rate Goods Are Too Cheap:

High discount is one of the major signs of a fake online store, they are fund of selling clothes at a too good to be true price. However, this is a tactics to lure unsuspecting customers into trusting them with their money. However, it is simply a trap and the customer after making payment, will either receive a low quality product or nothing at all.

4. The Online Store Has No Social Media Page:

Considering the above irregularities discussed it is not surprising that Auristi.com has no social media page of its own. we could not find any social media page on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok etc that is linked to this online store.

Just like cyirafa.shop, hokaeu and G2kayak.com, suspicious online stores do not operate social media accounts and the only reason for this is that they do not want to be dragged on social media platforms by their victims. They know that their victims may come to their social media page to expose their fraudulent activities which may serve as a warning signal to the public.

5. Auristi Is Still A Newly Registered Website:

Again, this online store was created on the 5th of April 2023 and this indicates that the website is still a very young one. According to whois, this website will be expiring on the 5th day of April 2024. However, considering the age of this website and its short lifespan, it is unsafe to trust the site and this is because it can be discarded at anytime, once the owner accomplishes his aim which may not be for the good of the customers.

6. Auristi.com Is Poorly Secured:

Lastly, auristi.com is not a well secured website, though it has a valid HTTP, it is not secured with Norton or McAfee and this means that the website can easily be tampered with by hackers.

Is Auristi.com A Scam Or Legit Website?

Considering all we have said so far, we hope that you can seen the reasons why auristi.com seem like a scam to us, We also hope that you have learnt some tips on how to identify fake online stores. On that note, We urge you to always lookout for these important features discussed above in order to determine if a website is scam or legit.

Do The Following If You Have Already Made A payment To This Store:

  • Firstly, contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction.
  • Secondly, update your passwords
  • And lastly, Beware of any fraudulent email that comes from the auristi.com. Do not click on any licked attached to it.

Are You Safe If You Paid Using PayPal?

No, you are not really safe. These days, using PayPal does not guarantee a quick refund. Fraudulent stores like this one, exploit a major issue with PayPal’s system. What these scammers do is that when you purchase the item, a few days later they find a tracking number that has shipped to your area (completely unrelated to you or your item) and then they post this tracking number into your PayPal transaction. PayPal sees this as a complete transaction and almost impossible to dispute.


Auristi.com also known as auristi failed our authenticity test, it lacks the basic features of a genuine website and online store, it also has some features in common with a lot of confirmed scam website. On that not, we do not recommend this website.

Please note that the data used in this review were manually collected and we may not have all the information need to confirmed if Auristi.com is a scam or genuine online store. However, with all we have discussed, we advise that customers carry out some investigations before shopping from this suspicious store.

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