Are you looking for an efficient and reliable heater to keep your home worm? Is your current home heater making you pay so much electricity bill and you want to know if Ecogenica heat pump will cost you less and serve you better? If so please read this honest review, it contains all you might want to know about this product.

About The Product

Ecogenica heat pump is a home heater that works by extracting air from the surrounding environment and transfers it into your home while removing the cold air from within.

There are lots of claims that this heater is uses less energy unlike the traditional heaters, thus reducing electricity bills. it is also alleged that Ecogenica heat pump is eco friendly and thus approved by the Australian Government.

It is built with an efficient, variable-speed compressor, use of natural refrigerant and backup heating element.

Furthermore, Ecogenica heat pump is be equipped with an intelligent control system that automatically adjusts itself based on indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.

In addition to the above claims, the makers of this heater claim it produces less noise, efficiently regulates temperature and has a longer life span unlike traditional heaters.

Product Specifications

Ecogenica heater comes in a variation of two tank capacities, the 430 L and 210 l. The 430l tank is estimated to accommodate home with more than 6 people while the 210 L tank is estimated to accommodate a spaces for 1 to 5 people.

Other Specifications

  • Input power: 850 Watts
  • Voltage / Hz: 220-240/50
  • Max rated current: 3.7 Amps
  • Heating capacity: 3500 Watts
  • Noise level: 47 dBA
  • Relief valve pressure: 850 kPa
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Net Weight – Tank: 56 kg
  • Net Weight – Compressor: 48.5Kg
  • Cylinder Type: Vitreous Enamel
  • COP: 4.23

Benefits Of Ecogenica Heat Pump

Low Energy Consumption

This heater significantly uses a lower energy when compared to other traditional heaters, this makes it a better choice where electricity bills are high.


Ecogenica pump is eco-friendly, the mechanism by which it operates requires less fossil fuel and thus, carbon emission is significantly low.

Long lasting

The heater has a 5 to 10 years guarantee aside being built with durable material and as such lasts longer when compared with other heaters.

Easy to install

According to the information on the official website of this product, the heater can be installed without the aid of a professional. installation simply involves keeping the heater at the desired place and then connecting the inlet and out let pipes.

How It Works

The working principle of this heat pump is simple, It works by extracting air from the surrounding environment. It then transfers this air into your home while removing the cold air from within.

Is Ecogenica Heat Pump A Good Heater For Homes Or Not?

Ecogenica heat pump is still a new product in the market, thus it lacks popularity. The official website ( was created in June 2023 which is not up to one year from now. This short period of time is responsible for the unpopularity of the product as well as the unavailability of genuine customer reviews on the product.

Although the product seems genuine and efficient, the absence of customer reviews to back this up is worrisome and as such we cannot state for sure if this heat pump is a good and reliable one or not until we enough practical evidence to say so.


Numerous advantages have attributed to this product, however none of these claims has been verified or supported by customers and as a result of that, we advice customers who may wish to buy this heater to do so with caution. They should not place high hopes on the product because it is still a new product that has not stood the test of time and secondly, the claimed positive features of this product are yet to be confirmed by verifiable customers.

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