Most fraudulent companies has Bin Estrella GmbH Company Limited as their parent company. They claim that the company is based in Germany but after a thorough investigations, I found out that some Bin Estrella GmbH Company is a China based company. Keep reading to know more about this company.

What Is Bin Estrella GmbH Company?

It is a parent company to so many online stores. The stores mentioned Bin Estrella GmbH Company on their website saying it is located in Germany so as to make customers feel that the stores are legit. But in real sense, the stores are problematic. They lure customers with their mouth watering discounts.


Company Name: Bin Estrella GmbH
Number: 064110000
Company Address: Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany

Stores Linked With Bin Estrella GmbH Company










Why You Should Not Buy From Stores That Mentioned Bin Estrella GmbH Company Limited

No Business Address

I found out that most online stores that Bin Estrella GmbH Company is their parent company rarely provide their physical addresses on their website. When customers buy from them, there is absolutely no means for them to return the items if there is need to.

Poor Customers Support System

The stores don’t have workable customer support systems. some times, they don’t provided email addresses and when they do, they are not functional. Moreover, they don’t provide phone numbers too.

Recently Registered Websites

The websites are recently registered. When you check them on {a domain checker} You would see that they are recently registered websites that have not passed the test of time.

Lacks Quality

The goods from most stores that Bin Estrella GmbH Company is their parent company lacks quality. The images and contents are not originally from the site. They were stolen from other websites. Hence, their customers receive goods of low quality that are quite different from the advertised ones.

No Social Media Presence

The benefits of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized. But they refuse to have social media presence so as not to be exposed by social media influencers.

Is Bin Estrella GmbH Company Legit?

No, it is not. Bin Estrella GmbH Company is not a legit online company. It is a suspicious company that owns multiple problematic online store. The stores lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals with their user friendly interface.

Don’t be deceived. If you hear or see the name {Bin Estrella GmbH}, it is of your best interest not not risk your money buying any item from them. The result will likely be far from you being satisfactory. See reviews below-

Looking up the provided company information revealed that Bin Estrella GmbH was registered in Germany in December 2016. However, it seems to have relations to scammy shell companies in the Uniqueness Scam Network from China. There are a few hints in the company registration information that Bin Estrella GmbH is also likely to be a shell company incorporated by Chinese owners.

When I looked up the address of Bin Estrella GmbH – Pallaswiesenstraβe 180,64293 Darmstadt’ Germany – I found that the company’s address may be a virtual address as there are no signs of the company actually being located there.

Tips for Spotting Scam Websites And Online Stores

  • Age of the website
  • Verify their Physical Location
  • Check Reviews
  • Check social media presence

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