Most fraudulent companies has Aimark Limited as their parent company. They claim that the company is based in London, United Kingdom but after a thorough investigations, I found out that these websites that mentioned Aimark Limited are China based companies. Keep reading to know more about these websites.

What Is Aimark Limited Company?

It is legit company that most fraudulent websites are using to camouflage so as to make people to think they are legit.

Aimark Limited Company is a parent company to so many online stores. The stores mentioned it on their website saying it is located in United Kingdom so as to make customers to believe they are authentic.. But in real sense, the stores are problematic. They lure customers with their mouth watering discounts.

Specifications: How These Fake Websites Mention Aimark Limited Company On Their Sites.

Company Name: Aimark Limited
Number: 10853964
Company Address: Chase Business Center, 3941 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N145BP

Some Stores Linked With Aimark Limited Are:

Examples of such websites Mommynestore and Sketchsteps that we reviewed sometime ago. During our in-depth investigations, we found out that these stores are china based. They are defraud people of their money by pretending to be selling cheap items.

After customers make payment, they only send confirmation tracking number without sending the items the customers paid for. In some cases, they send inferior goods that are quite different from the advertised ones on the websites.

I searched for “Aimark Ltd Reviews” I found some negative reviews on Trustpilot.

See what some customers have to say-

AIMARK LTD are scammers!
I ordered Sketcher trainers from them, have never arrived! Contacted them by email, no reply, lost my money so be warned DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! THIEVES THE LOT OF THEM AND NEED TO FOUND AND PUNISHED! EVIL AND A DISGRACE!!!!!!

Lucienne Vranch

I ordered from a website called simple modern and never received my order. I ordered 2 40oz tumblers ! I understand that it’s coming from overseas. The company says in the the United Kingdom but the tracking was Chinese then said it was delivered to Carolina PR and I do not live in Puerto Rico and that’s when the tracking stopped. I can’t send and email it bounces back. And no phone calls are accepted. I filed a complaint with my bank to get my money back. It’s Under and LTD company aimark

Jennifer Cox

Why You Should Not Buy From Stores That Mentioned Aimark Ltd

No Business Address

I found out that most online stores that Aimark Ltd is their parent company rarely provide their physical addresses on their website. When customers buy from them, there is absolutely no means for them to return the items if there is need to.

Poor Customers Support System

The stores don’t have workable customer support systems. some times, they don’t provided email addresses and when they do, they are not functional. Moreover, they don’t provide phone numbers too.

Recently Registered Websites

The websites are recently registered. When you check them on {a domain checker} You would see that they are recently registered websites that have not passed the test of time.

Lacks Quality

The goods from most stores that Aimark Limited Company is their parent company lacks quality. The images and contents are not originally from the site. They were stolen from other websites. Hence, their customers receive goods of low quality that are quite different from the advertised ones.

No Social Media Presence

The benefits of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized. But they refuse to have social media presence so as not to be exposed by social media influencers.

Is Aimark Limited Company Legit?

Yes, it is. Aimark Limited is not a legit online company. The scammers behind these fraudulent websites claims that it is their company just to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals with their user friendly interface.

Don’t be deceived. If you hear or see the name {Aimark Limited} in any website, it is of your best interest not not risk your money buying any item from them. The result will likely be far from you being satisfactory.


Aimark Limited is a legit company that some scammers are using to defraud people. These scam websites uses various tactics to make people believe them. Don’t fall for any of their tactic. Use the tips below to protect yourself and avoid being scammed. Don’t forgot to inform or share this information with your loved ones.

Don’t forget Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at Reach out to them and report scam websites.

Tips for Spotting Scam Websites And Online Stores

  • Age of the website
  • Verify their Physical Location
  • Check Reviews
  • Check social media presence

What Happens When You Shop From Fraudulent Websites?

Receiving Of Low Quality/Inferior Product:

While shopping online, you should be careful not to fall into the hands of these fraudsters because you might end up not receiving low quality items

Not Receiving Product:

It is no news that online scammers tends to lure buyers by offering low prices and high discount rate and after order has been made, customers will end up not receiving goods they have paid for.

Hacking Of Credit Card:

Credit card details are prone to being hacked by these fraudulent online stores. Sometimes you pay double the amount of the goods or you get debited for a product you did you order.

Scam VIP Membership:

Have you heard of VIP membership scam? This is one of the ways online scammers are defrauding customers. Here when an order has been made, You are automatically subscribed as to VIP membership club without your consent and get charged for it.

Does Payment With PayPal Guarantee Safety?

The answer is no! These days paying with PayPal does not necessarily mean that you will get refund immediately. Scam online stores uses fake tracking number which might have been shipped to your although not related to you. And this fake tracking number is been inserted into your PayPal transaction. Unfortunately for you PayPal sees this as complete transaction and makes it almost impossible to get your money back.

How Do You Get Your Money Back?

Are you an online shopper and have been scammed severally by these fake online stores? Have you order items online and after payment you can’t reach the vendor? Read here to get more information on what to do

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