Meledo Company Limited claims to be located in United Kingdom. It is linked with multiple online stores. This article exposes the facts about this Company. If it is suspicious or trustworthy.

What Is Meledo Company Limited All About?

It a company that is allegedly located at 4/4A Bloomsbury Square, London, Bloomsbury Square London Wc1A. It is a parent company to multiple problematic sites that sells mostly clothing and, footwears.

In real sense, Meledo Company Limited is not located in London. It is just a trick to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals. Most reviews online online states that the products bought from stores linked to this Company came all the way from China not London.

Stores Linked With Meledo Company Includes

Common Features Of Stores Linked With Meledo Company Limited

No Business Address

Most online stores that Meledo Company Limited is their parent company rarely provide their physical addresses on their website. When customers buy from them, there is absolutely no means for them to return the items if there is need to.

Poor Customers Support System

The stores don’t have workable customer support systems. The email addresses they provide are not functional. When I tried sending messages to some of them, my messages failed to be delivered.

Recently Registered Websites

The websites are recently registered. When you check them on {a domain checker} You would see that they are recently registered websites that have not passed the test of time.

Lacks Quality

The goods from most stores that Meledo Company Limited is their parent company lacks quality. The images and contents are not originally from the site. They were stolen from other websites. Hence, their customers receive goods of low quality that are quite different from the advertised ones.

No Social Media Presence

The stores don’t have social media icons provided on their websites. The benefits of social media marketing cannot be overemphasized. But they refuse to have social media presence so as not to be exposed by social media influencers.

Is Meledo Company Limited Legit?

The short answer to this question is capital No. Meledo Company Limited is not a legit online company. It is a suspicious company that owns multiple problematic online store. The stores lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals with their user friendly interface.

Don’t be deceived. If you hear or see the name, it is of your best interest not not risk your money buying any item from them. The result will likely be far from you being satisfactory.

Some scam detectors have flagged Meledo Company Limited fraudulent in Sabireviews and Newsonlineincome. Therefore, beware of any store that has it as its parent company.

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