Are you are thinking of buying from online store? Are you wondering if it is legit store to buy clothes from? If so, this review is for you, I have taken my time to compile a detailed review about it. You just have to read it diligently. You will find out if it is legit or if it ripping off buyers.

What Is Edietop All About?

Edietop is located at It is an online store that sells variety of clothes like shirts, pants, dresses, jumpsuits, tops etc. This store is luring customers because of its cheap prices. It sells goods at a very ridiculous prices that no genuine store can offer even on a Black Friday Or Cyber Monday. It is just a trick to attract and defraud unsuspecting individuals.

Why You Should Not Buy From Edietop

Linked with A Suspicious Company- Yino online store is linked with Yino which is allegedly located in France. This company is not a legitimate one. It is linked with various fraudulent stores. Moreover, the company has been flagged fraudulent by various scam detecting websites. It real sense, the company is not located in France. That’s just a trick to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals. The company specifications is like this-

  • Company Name:YINO
  • Registration Number:839937422
  • Company Address:4 Place Henri De Turenne,66000 Perpignan France

Unfunctional Customer Service

I noticed that the email address provided on this website as is fake. I sent message to it two days ago and the message refused to be delivered. Moreover, there is no phone number provided. This simply means that customers will have no means to contact the people behind this store. If there is need for that.

No Social Media Presence

Importance of social media when it comes to online marketing cannot be over emphasized, It helps the business owner to attract more customers and get their customers feedbacks. But this store chose not to have social media platforms so as not be exposed by social media influencers.

Unrealistic Discounts

The discounts o the variety of goods this store sells are too good to be true. Remember, if it is too good to be true, it isn’t. The discount is just a trick to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals. Don’t be deceived, you won’t receive any item after paying for it.

Recently Registered Website website was recently registered on February 2023. This indicates that the website is still new. It has not passed the text of time.

Lacks Security

This website is not secured. It lacks security measures as it lacks absence of security certifications from trusted providers like McAfee or Norton raises concerns about the vulnerability of the website to hackers. Hence, customers sensitive information is very much at risk.

Is Edietop com Legit Or Scam?

In as much as Edietop is designed to look legitimate. It is not. Based on our findings, it is evident that is not a legit and as such not a trustworthy online store to shop from. Don’t be carried away by the way the website looks.

How To Avoid Being Scammed

  • Check the padlock in the address bar
  • Check the company’s social media presence
  • Review the company’s contact Us info
  • Verify the website’s trust seal

Conclusion claims to be an online store that sells variety of items. However, the website is owned by a not so good company. Therefore, potential buyers should carry out some research based on tips I mentioned above to avoid being scammed.

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