The genuineness of this online store named has become a controversial issue in recent time. The website is linked to a notorious suspicious company whose name is linked to many many fraudulent online stores operated by scammers.

This review covers all the information you may need about Meteoraire com including why you should never consider buying from from the website.

What Is is an online store that claims to sell variety of household items at a cheap rate. Some of the items sold on this website include cooking utensils, chairs, mixers etc. The website also claim to have its base in London, United Kingdom with Meledo Company Limited as its parent company.

Why You Need To Be Careful With

Below are some of the major red flags we discovered about meteoraire and why you should never neglect or overlook them!

Meteoraire Is Linked To A Suspicious Company

Meledo company limited with the registration number 11736866 is a very notorious company whose name has been seen in many fraudulent online stores as their parent company. This simply means that may not be different from other scam online stores linked to this company.

Excessive Price Slash

On, products are soled with discount rates that look too good to be true. The website offers approximately 50% discount on all their products.

However, it is not advisable to jump into deals with any online store that sells goods with such discount without carrying out a research to ascertain how genuine the company is.

A lot of customers have lost their money because to scammers on the internet because they were offered mouth watering discounts. Therefore it is important to note that excessive discounts is one the tools used by scammers to lure their victims.

In addition, customers should beware of any website offering high discount because, it does not always end well for the customer. It is either the customer receives a low quality product or he does not receive any at all after making payment.

Poor Customer Care just like all websites linked to meledo company limited has a very poor customer support. Although they provided an email and a phone number for customers to contact them if the need arises, they do not respond to messages.

We sent a number of enquiry messages to the provided email address, but none was responded to even at this moment.

More so, the email address and phone number provided on the website is different from what we have on the stores Facebook page. This can only happen in a store with questionable reputation.

Social Media Page

The official Facebook page of this store has comment restrictions on it, this means that customers cannot comment on the page or any of their posts. This restriction is possibly a way to prevent dissatisfied customers from dropping comments that may expose any dishonest activities of the store.

Poor Security Features

In addition to these shortcomings mentioned mentioned above, this online store has poor security features that makes it prone to hacking which may result into loss of data. McAfee and Norton are known to provide better security but unfortunately is not protected by any of the two.

The Website Is Newly Registered is newly registered website, the website was registered on the 10th of April 2023 and is due to expire on 10th of April 2024. This means that this website has no track record and thus, can easily be discarded.

Is Meteoraire com Legit Or Scam?

One of the major reasons that suggest that meteoraire is a scam store is its affiliation with meledo. Many customers and review websites have lamented about the fraudulent activities perpetuated by websites linked to this company.

Conclusion does not seam genuine to us, it has a lot of things in common with some known scam stores that has left hundreds of customers in regrets. Therefore customers are advised to apply caution when going into any financial transaction with the store.

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