Do you and your friends want to make yourselves happy this summer? Thinking of buying Aqua pulse Water Gun to play with? If so, this review is for your. Go through it diligently to find out if Aqua Pulse Water blaster is genuine or another online sham.

What Is Aqua Pulse Water Blaster?

It is a water blaster that is good to play with friends. Aqua Water Gun promises of hitting targets up to 25 feet away with pinpoint accuracy, and even reaching over 50 feet in PowerShot mode.  It claims to offer impressive and fun moments. With is, your shooting range will be accurate. It is a fun item for water fights and summer adventures.

According to the official website, you just have to plug it to charge, and you’re ready to unleash a refreshing stream of water on your opponents.

Sounds interesting and lovely right? Don’t believe all that yet. The goal of this review is to ascertain if this product really lives up to its claims. Keep reading to know more about this product. If it is worth buying or not.

Does Aqua Pulse Water Gun Scam?

Though, Aqua Pulse Water Gun seems genuine, during our research, we found out that it is not a legitimate blaster. There are some inconsistences associated with the product. There are three different websites selling this exact product. The websites have been flagged fraudulent by different scam detecting websites. {a domain checker} shows that they were recently registered and will also expire soon. They have very low trust score. These are the websites-



From my findings, Aqua Pulse Water Blaster legitimacy is still questionable. There are three potential fraudulent websites selling them. There are no customer reviews online about it yet. Is is not sold on other websites like Amazon. Therefore, I advise potential buyers to tread with caution.

Tips To Know If A Website is legit

  • Check the padlock in the address bar
  • Check the company’s social media presence
  • Review the company’s contact Us info
  • Verify the website’s trust seal

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