Do you want to shop from Do you want to know if this website is owned by honest people or scammers who are looking for victims?

This review exposes the major issues as it concerns this online store known as We are convinced that you will find the information contained in this review very useful even in your dealings with other websites. This is because, in each review we give you new tips on how to detect fake online store and how to protect yourself from their dubious activities.

What Is

Curveista is an online store that sells female under wears. According to the website, these under wears are shapewears designed to smooth out your body curves.

In addition to the above claims, these shapewears are said to help define your waist, lift your butt, and flatten your tummy thereby giving you a more defined and sculpted figure.

However, some people are asking to know if this website is genuine while others want to know if these night wears truly work as claimed.

Things To Consider Before Shopping From Curveista

The Store Has No Physical Address

Unlike a genuine online store, this online store has no physical address and there is no return address provided too. This simply makes the store untraceable should the need arise, it further makes it difficult for customers to return the products they are not satisfied with.

Curveista Has No Official Social Media Handle

This website is not linked to any social media page or platform and that is a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored. That is to say that , the as an online store does not have a single official social media page.

Online stores that do not have social media handles are simply hiding from the public. That because such platforms give customers the opportunity to discuss their experience with such store thereby alerting the public of their ill-doings.

If not, why will an online store avoid social media which is one of the most important marketing tool in our current society?

Unrealistic Discounts

A closer look at the prices of goods sold on reveals a discount rate of up to 50%. High discount is one of the features to lookout for in a suspicious website. scammers use high discount rates to trick customers into shopping from them.

The Website has A Poor Customer Support

This online store has a poor customer support. There is no phone number provided on the website for easy communication between the store and customers. Recall that there is no physical address provided too. Therefore, how will customers contact the store if they have an urgent need to do so?

Cueveista Is A Newly Registered Website was created on the 10th of March 2023 and will expire on the 10th of March 2024. This simply means that the website is still young to be trusted.

Poor Security Features

Although has a valid HTTP certificate, it is not a highly secured website. This is because the website is not secured with Norton or McAfee and this makes the website vulnerable to hackers.

Is Curveista com Legit Or Scam?, as an online has a low trust score, it lacks some features that are very important in an online store. The absence of these features puts a big question mark on the reputation of this website and we advise customers not to overlook them to avoid regrets.


Although the data used in this review were manually collected and may not be devoid of errors, the honest truth remains that this website is suspicious. This absence physical address, official phone number, social media page e.t.c cannot be an omission looking at how important they are to both the shop owners and the customers.

Finally, customers should trade with caution when it comes to financial deals with to avoid regrets.

How Tips For Spotting A Scam Website

  • Check the company’s social media presence
  • Review the company’s contact info
  • Verify the website’s trust seal
  • Check the padlock in the address bar

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