Just like the numerous eyecare supplements out there, sight care claims to be a powerful supplement that supports healthy eyes the natural way with its ingredients working synergistically to support brain health, increase antioxidants and maintain long lasting good vision.

According to trysightcarefast.org, once you take the supplement it begins to work immediately to support healthy eyesight, increased energy levels and a brand new lease on life.

However, a lot of people have expressed doubts regarding the efficacy and authenticity of this product. Thus, the essence of this review is therefore to throw more light on the general features of sight care dietary supplement and also to share with you my personal experience regarding the use of this supplement.

Sight care

About Sight Care Dietary Supplement

Sightcare also known as trysightcarefast is a dietary supplement made from natural products, each pack of this product contains sixty (60) capsules which is taken once daily for a better eye sight, healthy brain and general nourishment of the body.

Major Ingredients In SightCare And Their Functions

Niacin: Supports eye health and prevention of glaucoma

N-Acetyl Cysteine: Supports healthy detoxification pathways

Bilberry Fruit: Supports blood circulation & helps combat dry eyes

Lutein: Supports healthy eyes and brain function

Zeaxanthin: Supports the lens, retina and macula of the eye

Quercetin: Supports clarity of the lens

Eyebright: Supports a healthy inflammatory response of the eyes & supports good vision

Claimed Benefits Of Sight Care

Sight Care contains a blend of natural ingredients to support healthy eye sight, supports one’s ability to view fine detail and keeps the eyes healthy even at old age. There are also unconfirmed claims that SightCare have been clinically studied to support brain health and it is highly recommended for a healthy liver function and digestion. Additionally, the makers of this product also said that the supplement supports healthy glucose metabolism and increase energy levels for better functionality.

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the reviews by customers who purchased the product from Amazon

N nothing has change 

Maria t Mejia Velasquez

THIS IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS. I should have known better than to buy this since they do not list the ingredients on their page, nor is it refundable. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. The ingredients on the bottle are all for digestive problems, NOT FOR EYESIGHT problems. This product is BS. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT from this particular seller. I have bought from other sellers, but they listed their ingredients so you can see what you are getting before you buy it. If they don’t list the ingredients, then you know they are hiding something. I got screwed on this.


Don’t do nothing


Each day I see better

Eva Munoz

This product imation of the original and does not have NONE of the ingredients as the original

Norma J Guajardo

Pill ingredients on label was different from video I observed. And product was NOT RETURNABLE.

Amazon Customer

My Experience With Sight Care

A friend recommended sight care supplement for me confirming to me that his eye sight has improved due to the use of the product, so I decided to give the product a try. i got two packs of the product- one for myself and the other for my mother.

We used the supplement as directed by the manufacturer but unfortunately neither myself nor my mother experienced any significant improvement from the use of the supplement. Contrary to the claims of the product, our visual acuity remained the same even after we completed the full dosage.


Judging by my personal experience and the reviews made available by customers who bought sight care from amazon, it is obvious that the supplement is not as good as it is made to look online. Majority of the reviews from verified customers suggests that the product does not improve eyesight.

However, the supplement is possibly a genuine product with lots of imitations out there. This is because while some customers including my friend found this product to be helpful, others found it to be ineffective. Again some of the reviews pointed out that the supplement they received seem different from the one seen on the official website of the product.

In view of the above, it is important to confirm the authenticity of any one selling this product before going ahead to buy from such person to avoid buying a fake product.

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