After seeing the numerous adverts and promotion regarding Kertox Botox on tik tok and other social media platforms, I decided to give this haircare product a try and I am here to share my experience with you.

Contrary to the various reviews on social media, this review exposes the truth about this hair treatment product, you will get to know if this product truly worth your money or not. Again this review will open your eyes to the advantages and disadvantages of using this product on your hair.

Therefore, be rest assured that you will find this review helpful if you have any interest in the product.

Kertox Botox

About Kertox Botox:

Kertox Botox claims to be an intensive treatment that hydrates and gives hair shine, leaving it prettier, a little smoother, without frizz and without split ends. this product formulated from natural plant products that are known to be safe and well tolerated. The the makers of this hair care product claims it improve hair texture, resistance to thermal damage and repairs split ends. In addition, this hair care product is said to have the ability to nourish hair and strengthen your hair to a great extent.

Major Ingredients Used In Kertox Instant Botox:

As stated above, the ingredients used in the preparation of Kertox Botox are majorly natureal plant products. Not only that these plant products are highly tolerated, they also beneficial to the body in general. some of these ingredients are:


Natural technology that contains strengthening, anti-aging and moisturizing properties. Offering a cocktail of fatty acids that strengthen the fibers of damaged hair and split ends.


Olive oil restores the hair fiber, protecting and nourishing it in depth. In addition, it has a high content of vitamin E that gives it strengthening properties.


Its oil is rich in oleic and palmitoleic acid. It is used to impart conditioning to the hair and a sleek, smooth, non-greasy feel.


The magic of coconut manages to leave hair silky and frizz-free. It has protective, repairing and nourishing properties: It helps to prevent damage to the hair after brushing and to reduce protein loss.

Other ingredients include:

Water, alcohol denat, panthenol, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, macadamia ternifolia seed oil, olive fruit oil, argania spinosa kernel oil, moringa oleifera seed oil, coconut oil, commiphora myrrha resin extract, gardenia taitensis flower extract, rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract, palm oil, tocopherol, tocopheryl acetate, cetrimonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, parfum (fragrance), limonene.

Major Benefits

Kertox:  Is a product designed to take care of your hair with multiple advantages:

1. Instant: That’s how it is! The botox effect occurs from the moment you apply  Kertox. At the moment!

2. Wherever you want, whenever you want: We have designed   kertox  in a 30ml format so that you can take it with you anywhere and use it when you think it’s the perfect time to show off your hair. In your bag, backpack or even in your pocket…

3. Extremely comfortable: It is applied by spraying  kertox  on your hair for maximum comfort. For an extreme finish, iron your hair!

Major Drawbacks

  1. The product does not work on all hair types
  2. Possibility for allergic reaction and side effects

How To Use

Kertox instant botox can be applied to dry or wet hair using the following steps:

1) Apply kertox from root to tip evenly.
2) Comb your hair
3) Dry your hair with a dryer or iron for a better result.

Is kertox Botox A Good And Reliable Hair Care hair product of Not? Checkout My Experiment.

Based on my experience with kertox botox hair treatment if is a good product for the hair as i experienced positive improvement on the texture of my hairs after using it. However, cotrary to what is available online, the changes brought by the use of this product does not happen instantly, it took a minimum of two weeks for me to start noticing some positive changes on my hair.


It is not a bad idea to try out Kertox instant botox however, it is important to keep in mind that this product may not work for everybody due to the difference in hair textures. That is to say that, the kertox hair formula may not bring about the same effect on different people. It is also important to note that the product may not be tolerated by everyone as there is a tendency for allergic reactions and side effects due to the use of this product.

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