Do you have a lot of mosquitoes pestering your home premises? Have you read or been told about Mozz Guard? Are considering buying Mozz Guard to get rid of those mosquitoes but wondering if it will yield good results?

Worry no more, I have all the information you are looking for in this my honest reviews. Hopefully, you will find them useful.

It is no news that mosquito bite causes malaria. Therefore getting rid of it in your household or place of work should be taken serious.

What Is Mozz Guard?

Mozz Guard is a device used to trap mosquitos, it is designed to trap and kill a wide variety of mosquitoes. The device attracts and zaps irritating mosquitoes. It is compact, portable and hangable. It is also rechargeable and the battery is long lasting. This Mozz Guard is reusable- the content is disposed when full, rinsed and reused.

Mozz Guard gives off a beautiful blue glow that attracts nearly every kid of insect or arachnid. Once they are close enough, they get puffed with a lethal dose of electricity. Interesting, it is 100% childproof and safe around pets. Further, it runs a minimal power making it perfect for camping outside. It also serves as lantern making it perfect for camping outside.

How It Works

Mozz Guard has an ultra-bright LED light that attracts insects and mosquitoes.

When activated, Insects are lured to the lamp that is high-voltage, and insects and bugs are instantly zapped without smell or sound as they reach the core.



Mozz Guard can be reused several times, once it is full, it is emptied, rinsed, refilled with attractant and then reused.

Environment Friendly

Rather than harsh chemicals, Mozz Guard uses a food-base attractant.

Portable and Rechargeable

Once the battery is low, it’s recharged to be used again. The package has a micro USB charger, and the charge can last for up to 24 hours. Hence, on can carry the device in areas without electricity.

3-in-1 Functionalities

It can be used for bug zapping, as a walking flashlight, and a camping light


Not Available On Other Other Websites

.Buzzbugg is only available on its official website. This shoe that it is not well known yet. Therefore, its authenticity is questionable.

It is Pricey

Mozz Guard anti bug lamp is expensive compared to other bug killing products.

Does Mozz Guard trap really work?

Not really. The answer to this question is not certain. In as much as it claims to Mozz Guard designers claims that it zaps mosquitoes and pesky bugs, ensuring consumers find quality and uninterrupted sleep while camping and in their houses. There are both positive and negative reviews on website about it.

See what some customers have to say-

Beware of satisfaction guarantee scam.

I purchased the mozz guard from ozzi home back at the end of September, and tried to return on October 3rd since the product is not effective at all.

I paid almost $80 for the items and they tried to offer me 30% refund on October 9th. Then after saying no, I want to return the items, they offered me 50% refund on the 10th. I want to return the items, they are asking me to keep their junk and only provide half back

Archie K

Excellent customer service response when I over ordered & money returned promptly. I am a mosquito/ midge magnet but had zero bites when I used the Mozz Guard device. No repellent either. One eve for 20 mins it wasn’t turned on & I was the main meal once again. The device worked so well (when switched on properly) that I did think they’d relocated. A must have any location accessory for those who are susceptible


Final Thoughts

Having seen what Mozz Guard entails, it is not out of place to say that it is a good product to an extent as it is multi-functional and worked for some customers. However, some customers complained that the product is not effective and could not get 100% refund.

However, there are a few drawbacks attributed to this product, namely not available on other websites and it is expensive. Therefore, potential customers should tread with caution. Mozz Guard is just like Buzzbugg and Flytrap that we reviewed sometime ago.

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