Do you want to lose weight? Are you considering buying Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings to enable you to achieve that your desired body shape? If so, you are at the right place. This honest review exposes the details about this store.

What Are Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings?

Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings ae earrings made from magnets. These earring are said to help lose weight and restore your slim body structure back. The producers claim it is perfect for relieving stress, anxieties, boredom, panic attacks and improving focus, finger picking, scratching and other bad habits. They also claimed that it is very comfortable to wear, strong and suiting to all skin.

Are Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings Good For Weight Loss?

It is unfortunate that Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings does not really help to reduce fat as claimed. There are just aesthetic earrings that does nothing when it comes to weight loss.

Moreover, the National Library Of Medicine says that Static magnets are marketed with claims of effectiveness for reducing pain, although evidence of scientific principles or biological mechanisms to support such claims is limited. According to Stephen Barrett, M.D. “there is no scientific basis to conclude that small, static magnets can relieve pain. In fact, many of today’s products produce no significant magnetic field at or beneath the skin’s surface.”

What We Like About Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings

Jansio Ring Is Very Beautiful

Although majority of the users have one negative thing or the other to say about the ring, it is worthy of note that all of them confirmed the ring to be very good looking.

Has different colors

The color is nice and great for someone who fidgets with their hands

What We Don’t Like About Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings

Lacks Quality

The earrings can cause discomforts ranges from poking to pinching sensation. Moreover, there is a lack of long-term studies on its safety and effectiveness.


Contrary to the claims of the producer, the earrings have been found to be fragile, After buying it. the earrings broke within a very short period of time and the majority of the breakage happened during adjustment process.


Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings are beautifully designed earrings but unfortunately it is not durable, it is very fragile and can easily break especially during adjustment process. It is just like jansio ring. The producer needs to work on it to ensure durability and comfortability too because these are the two major challenges faced by customers who have used or are using the product.

Moreover, it does not  relief stress, anxiety, boredom etc. as claimed. Just like Oilex Yellow Peeling Oil, users were disappointed.

Have you used Artkunde Magne Tech Acupuncture Earrings? Please share your experience on the comment session below.

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