Want to know more about Jansio ring? Do you wish to know if this ring truly reduce anxiety as claimed? If so, you will find this review helpful.

This review was put together after a we carried out a detailed study on this ring and at the end of the review, you will be able to know if this ring is worth your money or not.

On that note, we urge you to take your time and go through all we have to say about this ring.

What is Jansio ring?

Jansio Threanic Triple-Spin Ring is a jewelry ring with interwoven silver band design with 7 movable beads that allows it to twist, swipe or roll around by the fingers of the wearer.

The producers claim it is perfect for relieving stress, anxieties, boredom, panic attacks and improving focus, finger picking, scratching and other bad habits.

They also claimed that it is very comfortable to wear, strong and suiting to all skin. However, some customers who used this ring left some negative comments which prompted this review.

Product details:

  • Name: Jansio threanic triple-spin ring
  • Function: Relieves anxiety
  • Color: Silver
  • Style: Adjustable opening
  • Manufacturer: Wolfgrod
  • Date first available: 19th October 2022

Is Jansio ring really Perfect for relieving stress, anxiety, boredom etc.?

It is unfortunate that majority of Jansio ring wearers have given a negative feedback on Amazon concerning the product, some of the customers complained about the discomfort while wearing the ring while others complained of the ring turned their fingers black and it breaks within a short time of usage.

It is worthy of note that some of the customers had issues while adjusting the ring to fit their fingers and majority of the broken cases recorded occurred during the adjustment process. See customers reviews below-

My ring was missing sparklettes. Very noticeable. Eventually turned my finger green and ring itself turned brown. Not a good purchase at all. So dissatisfied.

Debbie G. Compton

It was junk it looked like a ring from the cracker jack box


What we like about the Jansio ring

Jansio Ring Is Very Beautiful

Although majority of the users have one negative thing or the other to say about the ring, it is worthy of note that all of them confirmed the ring to be very good looking.

Has Different Colors

The color is nice and great for someone who fidgets with their hands

What We Don’t Like About Jansio Ring


It has been reported that majority of Jansio ring wearers have experienced discomfort while wearing the product, this discomforts ranges from poking to pinching sensation.


Contrary to the claims of the producer, the ring has been found to be fragile, some users reported that the ring broke within a very short period of time and the majority of the breakage happened during adjustment process.


Jansio ring is a beautifully designed ring but unfortunately it is not durable, it is very fragile and can easily break especially during adjustment process to fit the finger.

The producer needs to work on it to ensure durability and comfortability too because these are the two major challenges faced by customers who have used or are using the product.

Moreover, it does not  relief stress, anxiety, boredom etc. as claimed. Just like Oilex Yellow Peeling Oil, users were disappointed.

Have you used Jansio ring? Please share your experience on the comment session below.

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