Do you want to secure your home? Are you considering SpyFocus Camera to ensure protection and security to your home? DON’T buy before reading this! This review contains my honest review using it for two weeks, its pros, cons etc.

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Overview Of SpyFocus Camera

SpyFocus Camera is security device sold on According to the website, It’s main function is to watch over your home and takes record of all the activities going around the premises.

Interestingly, it does this without being spotted because it is very tiny device. This SpyFocus security camera comes equipped with several mounting bases.

This unique feature it has makes it easy to be attached wherever you want without having to drill or hammer it into your walls.

Moreover, the camera covers a 120-degree angle, so you can be sure that every important detail will be caught by the high-resolution lens. It is also equipped with a 1080P-HD high-quality lens, allowing you to see even the smallest details.

The Perks Of SpyFocus Camera

  • It’s compact and light weighted
  • It came with instructions for an easy setup
  • Small enough for any space

After I read all these good qualities about SpyFocus Camera and constantly seeing its ads on Tiktok, I decided to give it a trial. Below is my experience using it.

Does SpyFocus Camera Really Secure Your Safety And Protect Your Home? Here Is My Using it!

I ordered SpyFocus Camera from its selling website, It arrived arrived after two weeks. Probably it would have arrived after more than two weeks or I wouldn’t have received anything if not for my constant calling and emailing their customer care representatives. It was really a hectic moment for me.

Story cut short, when it finally arrived, it took me awhile to recognize it. When I was unboxing it, I thought it was something else maybe a wrong parcel was sent to me because everything was written in Chinese. That was when it dawned to be that this so called SpyFocus Camera is actually made in China not America as they claimed.

The worse part of it all is that the device is far from being a security device. it is just an ordinary camera that its pictures always turn blurred and unspecific. It still hurts me that I just wasted my hard earned money buying it.

Claimed Benefits SpyFocus Camera

Magnetic Stand

It is easy to use because it has a unique feature allows you to place the camera wherever you choose without having to drill or hammer.

Exceptional Quality

SpyFocus Camera is equipped with a 1080P-HD high-quality lens, thereby allowing you to see even the smallest details

SpyFocus Camera Has A Convenient App

The camera can be easily controlled through the app, so you can keep an eye on your home wherever you are

All these and more are the claims of this SpyFocus camera that made me to order it. However, I noticed some inconsistences.

Some Inconsistences of SpyFocus Camera

It Is A China Made Device

SpyFocus Camera in real sense was made in China Not America as the manufacturer(s) made us to believe. The ads I saw on TikTok says it is made in America but what I received came from China and it was boldly written made in China.

Does Not Secure Your Safety And Protect Your Home As Claimed

The item is simply a camera that can be used to take pictures not a security device. The worse part is that the pictures I took with it are not clear. They are just blurred.

It is Quite Expensive

The price of this camera is way high considering the fact that it does not live up to its claims.

The Official Website Was Just Recently Registered.

When I checked Lookup Icaan{ a domain checker and I found out that was recently registered on June 2023 and will expire on June 2024. This simply means that this product has not passed the text of time and it is likely to to be disposed.


From my experience and findings, SpyFocus Camera claims to secure your safety And protect your home is not true. Yes it was built with a magnetic camera making the camera to be easy to set up, use, and maintain. However, does not serve it main purpose which is to watch over your home without being spotted itself.

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