Did you stumble on Bold Hero Power Saver on Facebook, Instagram Or Twitter? Do you want to know if the device truly reduces your electricity bills? Go through this detailed Bold Hero Power Saver Reviews, it contains everything you need to know about it.

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What is Bold Hero Power Saver?

It is a small tiny gadget that slashes down energy bills. According to the manufacturers, BoldHero is the powerful, innovative device that stops wasted electricity bills and ensures you only pay for the energy actually use- cutting your power bill up to 50% to save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars every year.

How to use– Just plug the device into any outlet or power bar and wait for the green light to flash. Pro Power Saver does the rest

My Experience Using Bold Hero Power Saver

I bold it from its official website on two earlier this year, and it took 3 weeks before it arrived after back and forth emailing their customer care.

The first month, my bill was $10 more with no extra usage. The second month, my bill was $40 higher than the last and I didn’t even run my A/C. I removed it after 3 consecutively higher bills, and my bill dropped $60 immediately following the next meter reading. The product is supposed to maintain or reduce the spikes in electricity throughout the day, but I believe based on my own experiences that this unit drew more watts than it helped me to save. I threw it away.

Does Bold Hero Power Saver Really Saves Electricity Bills?

There is no evidence that Bold Hero Power Saver reduces electrical bill. the gadgets are nothing but wastage of time and money. It is of your best interest to keep a distance from bold hero power saver product It is just a scam product made by scammers to defraud unsuspecting customers.

This scam uses fake advertisements and fake customer reviews to make it seem legitimate. From my experience, it did not reduce any electrical bills, rather it worsen it.

Claimed Features and benefits of Bold Hero Power Saver

  • It stabilizes your home’s electric flow and increase efficiency. 
  • Reduces dirty electricity traveling along electrical wires
  • It also uses advanced capacitors to eliminate harmful spikes.
  • It ensures safety on your devices
  • It works in anywhere-home, office, apartment etc.

Some Inconsistences Of Bold Hero Power Saver

  • No customers reviews online about it yet.
  • It increased my electricity bills instead of reducing it.
  • Does not work as claimed.

Better Alternatives To Bold Hero Power Saver

  • Use energy-efficient bulbs.
  • Switch off the lights.
  • Reduce the use of fans and Air conditioners.
  • Your refrigerator is a big deal.
  • Consult power management experts.
  • Use solar panels.
  • Reduce the use of water heaters

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Bold Hero Power Saver claims to be money saving technique in your electricity bills is still questionable. It did not work for me when I used it. Moreover, there is no positive review online about it yet. Therefore, potential buyers should use other means of saving electrical bills that I mentioned above.

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