Do you want to shop from Have you made an order but it it yet to get to you after several weeks? Are you wondering if you have been scammed?

The truth is that the owners of the website are not sincere in handling the affairs of the customers. We have received complaints of poor customer services and non-delivery of goods to customers.

In this review we shall be discussing the major problems experiences by customers who ordered items from these store and how to recover your money if your goods are not delivered. We will also be discussing the major red flags spotted on this website to help you identify a scam website when you see one.

What Does Do? also known as Datapros is an online store that claims to sell variety of items such as clothes, bags and shoes. According to the company, their mission is to provide customers with exceptional experiences that are tailored to their unique needs and work tirelessly to ensure that customers are satisfied with the end result.

However, customers have reported several cases of dishonesty on the side of the store owners. Some customers reported cases of non delivery of goods and difficulties in contacting the store for assistance.

Major Red Flags Spotted On

1. Absence Of Physical Store Address

There is no physical address provided on and this is quite suspicious for an online store that claims to deliver goods to different parts of the world.

The absence of physical office address as well as returning address raises lots of questions especially in this case where the owners of the website is faceless. This makes it impossible for customers to locate the store or its owners when there is a need to return damaged or inferior goods.

2. Has Poor customer Care Services

Contrary to the pledge to provide customers with good shopping experience and customer care services, has disappointed it’s customers due to its poor customer care services. Customers who did not receive their goods after payment reported that messages sent to the store regarding their case via the store’s email address ( were ignored leaving the customers stranded.

Secondly, the store did not provide any alternative means of communication such as phone number or social media page. As a result of this, customers who could not get a response from the store has no other means to contact the store and some of the customers who found themselves in this situation described it as heartbreaking.

3. Prices Of Goods Sold On Are Extremely Cheap Price

The price of goods sold on this website is extremely cheap when compared to what they are sold for in other websites. This is very suspicious because such low price is usually seen in scam online stores, where scammers use high discounts to lure customers.

These Fake online stores are known for making promises of free gifts and delivery in addition to the high discounts but unfortunately, customers do not get to receive the goods they paid for neither do they get refunded.

4. Is Absent On Social Media Platforms

Another shocking thing about this website is its absence on social media platforms. Everyone knows how important social media is when it comes to marketing, advertisement and business promotion. These platforms provide avenue for businesses owners to connect with their customers, showcase their products or services, building trust and credibility.

looking at these importance mentioned above, the absence of on social media suggests lack of transparency and avoidance of engagement with customers.

5. The Website Was Registered Recently is a newly registered website, calculating from its registration date which is 6th July 2023 the website is less than a month old. it is also recorded on whois that will be expiring on the 6th of July 2024. The age of a website and its expiring date are considered here because a new website with no short life span may have been built by scammers and can be used for fraud and discarded easily.


The features of Datapros also known as resembles that of a scam store, it lacks some of the basic features that ensures credibility, trust and transparency as an online store.

Secondly, considering the complaints from customers regarding non delivery of goods and poor relationship with customers, potential customers need to make thorough research before going into any financial transaction with this online store.

Have You Been Scammed By Do This!

If you have been scammed on datapros website, kindly do the following ;

Firstly, send a report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), They are responsible for protecting consumers from fraudulent activities and can take action against scammers.

secondly, contact your bank or credit card company, inform them about the transaction and any possible unauthorized charges so that they will guide you through the dispute process and potentially reverse your money.

You can also, change your credit card passwords to ensure the security of your personal information and funds.

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