Is your charger always causing your phone to overheat? Are you looking for a good charger that can charge your phone faster than ever? Do you want to know if Ulti-charge is a good and reliable product? If so, this review contains all you need to know about ulti charge.

About Ulti-Charge?

The makers of this charger claim it is the newest and most advanced charging system that can charge a device from 0% to 70% in 35 minutes.

They also claim that this charger is built with a new technology which they referred to as intelligent current recognition. to identify the type of device plugged in and adjust the output to precisely what is needed.


Specifications Of Ulti-charge

  • Model: QC 3.0
  • Colour: Black
  • Output voltage: 5v
  • Output current: 3.1A
  • Charge time: Four times faster than regular chargers.
  • Number of ports: Four

Claimed Features Of Ulti-charge

Smart Integrated Circuit (IT) Technology: Helps detect a device and delivers the appropriate charging current.

Fireproof Materials: The device is made of fire proof materials to prevent electrical sparking and fire.

High Compatibility: This device can fast-charge variety of devices including QC1.0 and QC 2.0

Surge Protection : This ensures that your devices doesn’t overheat, overcharge, or short circuit. Once the voltage reaches the maximum safety of 33W total, the in-built surge protection will stop producing current thereby protecting the device from damage.

Multi-charging Ports: Ulti-charge has port charging ports which makes it possible for the owner to plug in and charge as much as four devices at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Below are some of the comments as seen on the official website of this product:

I was honestly super impressed with the quality of this thing. It’s really light, but seems strong. Most importantly, my phone doesn’t even get hot after it’s been charging overnight. If you have an expensive smartphone, you’ve got to try it.

Stephen L.

I use the Ulti-Charge for my Samsung A70. and it works super, super well. My son has an iPhone and we charge that one at the same time. Overall, this is incredibly convenient and versatile. Once you start using it, you’ll be thrilled to throw away all of your old, junky chargers!

Karen K.

I have a QC 3.0 device as well as two QC 2.0. I heard you can fast-charge them all at once, but I was worried about overheating. Turns out there was nothing to worry about! The charger does everything it says it does, and more. I love it.

Philip T.

Does Ulti-charge Charger really work well?

In conclusion, having studied this product, how it works and the available reviews dropped on the official website by different customers, we cannot say Ulti-charge is a bad product. However, we do not trust the all-positive comments on this smart phone charger because no product is absolutely perfect.

On that note, we advise customers not to trust the positive reviews and hypes on the ulti-charge website rather, they are encouraged to carry out investigations before buying the product.

Have you used this smart Ulti-charge phone charger? If yes, please let use know if your satisfied with it’s performance or not in the comment session.

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