Wearing bra makes women uncomfortable most times. Secret Lane Bare Bralette promises to be very gentle on your body and give you that comfort you so desire. Are you considering buying the bralette? Wondering if it lives up to its claims? This review is for you. Go through it diligently and know the details about Secret Lane Bare Bralette.

Secret Lane Bare Bralette

What Is Secret Lane Bare Bralette?

Secret Lane Bare Bralette is  X-back designed It claims to pull back shoulders for improved posture and relieves stress from your shoulders. This bralette is like a second skin when you wear it on. The bralette lays gently on your body with its lightweight, seamless design. The lifting support provides a subtle push-up while also pulling back shoulders for better posture.

Moreover, this Secret Lane Bare Bralette provides a natural push-up, the Bare Bralette lifts while bringing bust together for a perky fit

What Is Bralette?

It is the combination of bra and a crop top. It is often crafted with pretty exotic laces and designed in sexy styles. Bralettes are usually non-padded and non-wired which makes them to be very much comfortable on a woman’s body.

What Is The Difference Between A Bra And A Bralette?

A bralette is a less structured version of a bra –A bra consists of two cups with varying coverage, wires or padding, straps, and closure, whereas a bralette is just a bra-crop-top, unwired, non-padded – essentially a simple slip-on.

Is It Better To Wear A Bra Or A Bralette?

Wearing bra can be so disturbing for women sometimes especially the underwired ones. Therefore, we women always go for an alternative that gives us comfort. Secret Lane Bare Bralette promises to be a better option. However, As the bralette is made without padding your breasts will remain closer to their natural shape. Keeping your nipples not well covered.

Customers Reviews:

In as much as Secret Lane Bare Bralette promises to give that perfect fit and comfort. I checked online for customers reviews and I saw on Amazon that majority of customer aren’t please with the bralette. See what some customers have to say-

Just received today. This is the biggest joke of a garment ever made. The fabric is so flimsy it is almost stretchable tissue. The xl that I ordered, (I am a size 10) is so tight, my husband had to help me get it on. We laughed so hard because all of the cross pieces rolled up into one another. The cup is an “A” cup, bra for men…it is a horrible product. The part that comes around underneath the breasts is much longer than the bra and person, so it does NOTprovide any sort of support. I bought black and beige. Black was never taken out of package and both will be returned. This is the most ridiculous product ever made.

Lou Humphreys

The bralette is made with a single layer of spandex, which is not particularly supportive.

Amazon Customer

This product is pure garbage. Save your money, don’t buy it! You can’t return it, it’s from China. It got here 4 days after the return by date. It’s cheap, I’ll fitting and a waste of money. Shame on Amazon for even allowing it space!

Elizabeth Gamble

Claimed Benefits Of Secret Lane Bare Bralette

  • It gives your breast the appropriate lift and supports
  • It is crafted out of firmer, fitting materials
  • The bralette accommodate various breast sizes

Some Inconsistences

  • Has tons of negative customers review.
  • Made with poor quality materials
  • It is China made product. It is no news that China and low quality goods work hand in hand.


Secret Lane Bare Bralette claims to be suitable for all women and give them that perfect fit and comfort. However, its authenticity cannot be vouched for as there are tons of negative customer reviews online. Just like Nomorthan bra It may not meet the customers expectation

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Have you bought Secret Lane Bare Bralette? Is it worth your money? Please share your experience on the comment session. We can edit this post if there’s need for that Thank you for reading!

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