Do you have a dog as a pet? Nutripaw promises to give pets like dogs happy and healthy lives with its developed different herbal supplements. Are you wondering if the claims are true? Go through this detailed review to find out the answers you seek.

What Does Nutripaw Entails?

Nutripaw is located at A website that claims to sell different kinds of products for dogs. These products works in most common areas that dogs need help with, including stress, fear, itching, scratching, joint flexibility, strength and aging.

Dog lovers Adelina and Connor founded NutriPaw in 2020 after discovering a need in the pet supplement market that was not being serviced by existing players in the game.

Interestingly, these products are made with high quality and best tasting ingredients that are enticing palatable for dogs.

What Are The Different Supplements Of Nutripaw?


All-Itch $ Immunity treats dogs and helps Soothe Itchy Paws, Eyes, Ears, Skin – Stop Itching, Licking, Scratching. It is a vet-approved treats and are scientifically formulated to help support your dog’s itching, soothe their skin, nourish their coat and aid their immunity. Also, it support the dogs dirty, greasy ears.

Pre & Probiotic Digestive treats

It Support your dog’s anal glands, bum scooting, itchy/dirty ears and digestion. Pre & Probiotic is a vet-approved treats are scientifically formulated to help support healthy digestion/ bowel movements, immunity and gut flora.

Notably, these Nutripaw supplements contains ingredients that when missed together, performs varieties of functions and treats on dogs.

Probiotic Mix & Pumpkin support sensitive stomachs & aid digestion when support sensitive stomachs & aid digestion

Chicory Root Powder & Probiotic Mix maintain gut flora, support healthy stools & reduce stinky wind & breath

Flaxseed, Papaya & Greek Yoghurt block bad gut bacteria & top up good bacteria to support immunity & digestion

Maqui Berry maintains a healthy population of good gut bacteria & blocks bad bacteria

Pre-Probiotic Mix, Papaya & Chicory Root Powder contribute to a healthy gut & digestive system, stopping grass eating

Flaxseed & Probiotic Blend aid healthy anal gland function & maintain normal stools while supporting the glands

Calming Treats

It reduce your dog’s Anxiety, Stress & Fear. Some dogs are less reactive, hyper, and also barking less at people and other dogs. This supplement helps the dog to stay calm.

Natural Oils & Powders promote relaxation and calmness. Reducing fear, stress & nerves in most situations

Passion Flower & Ashwagandha support anxiety, fear, whining, destruction & nerves from being left alone

L-Tryptophan & Ginger Root calm & soothes aggression brought on by new people, animals or situations.

Natural Oils & L-Tryptophan help calm your dog & soothe their fear of loud noises inside and outside

Valerian Root & Chamomile promote better, more peaceful sleep to help ease restlessness, without drowsiness.

Chamomile & Ginger Root aid nervous chewing of themselves or the destruction of items around your house.

Dental Formula

It helps manage plaque/tartar build-up, freshen their breath and support their overall oral health. Our vet-approved formula is packed with nature’s best ingredients to help support clean teeth & kiss-friendly breath.

Bromelain is an enzyme that can help break-down plaque and acts as a natural stain remover. Zinc controls tartar build-up.

Grape Seed Extract, Spirulina & chlorophyllin have anti-bacteria properties to support gum & teeth health.

Fresh Breath Blend helps to manage odour in the mouth, maintain teeth health & promote fresh breath.

Water Additive makes it easy to give & a time saving alternative to cleaning. Just add to 250ml of fresh water.

Multi-Action  8-in-1 Treat

It is vet-approved treats are formulated to help support your dog’s Skin, Coat, Heart, Brain, Immunity, Digestive System, Hip & Joints and Energy.

Alaskan Salmon Oil, Vitamins B7, B2 & C nourish the skin & promote overall skin health

Probiotics contribute to the healthy gut bacteria, supporting immune health
Vitamin B2, B6 & B12support immunity

Alaskan Salmon Oil, Vitamins B7, B2 & C support coat quality, strength & shine 

Probiotics help keep your dog’s digestion running smoothly, maintaining a healthy intestinal tract.

CoQ10, Salmon Oil & Vitamin C contribute to a healthy heart & support cardiovascular function.

MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin & Alaskan Salmon Oil support mobility of joints, flexibility & strength.

Vitamins B12, Salmon Oil & Vitamin C help provide cognitive support for older dogs & contribute to healthy growth in younger dogs.

Vitamin B help the absorption of essential nutrients essential energy production

Hip & Joint

It is vet-approved treats that are scientifically formulated to help support your dog’s strength, mobility, and flexibility. t helps supports your dog hip and joint.

Egg Shell Meal, Green-lipped Mussel and Alaskan Salmon Oil help soothe and comfort your furry friend’s joints

Green-Lipped Mussel and Turmeric help to support connective tissue and cartilage

MSM, Glucosamine, and Chondroitin work perfectly together to support mobility of joints and strength of connective tissue

Glucosamine HCL and Chondroitin combine to help bone strength and help with flexibility of connective tissue health.

Devil’s Claw Root, Green-Lipped Mussel, and Chondroitin help maintain joint care and comfort.

Coat And Skin

It reduces your dog’s shedding, nourish their coat, hydrate their skin & strengthen their nails in 30 days or less.

Omega 3, DHA & EPA promote skincare through hydration, supporting dry, flakey skin.

Zinc, Biotin, Omega 3 & Vitamins help maintain cellular health & promote stronger hair structures leading to a shiny, nourished & healthy coat.

Omega 3, DHA, EPA & Biotin contribute to healthy fur & coat growth, reducing moulting or shedding. 

Biotin & Vitamins help maintain cellular health, strengthing the nails.
Omega 3 & Collagen protect the cells that support nail growth and health.


The balm is scientifically formulated to hydrate, protect and heal damaged or dry skin all year round.

Prevent Dry, Cracked Skin protect paw pads, noses and skin from daily irritations and help nourish sensitive areas.

Protect Paws during Walkies defend paws from harsh elements, hot surfaces, sand, concrete, ice, salt, & terrain

Soothe Itchy, Irritated Skin soothe areas of skin that are subject to excessive licking, scratching and chewing

Soothe Rough, Flakey Skin nourish rough skin with natural ingredients designed to reinvigorate worn areas.

Heal Chapped Skin hydrate chapped skin with a mix of natural moisturizing and regenerating ingredients

Heal Scars or Wounds hydrate & condition the skin, to help promote healthy skin recovery.

Do Nutripaw Supplements Work?

Nutripaw supplements claim to have done much good than harm to many dogs and have made the dogs owners happy. The products also claim to have been approved by Vets to prepared to give your pet the maximum health benefits and support for certain areas. 

Meanwhile, most customers have testified that the products really helped with their dogs itching and scratching while some complained that it did not work. There are majority of both positive and negative reviews on Trustpilot about the products.

See what some customers have to say below-

My dachshund suffers with grass allergies and summer can be a nightmare with constant scratching, sometimes making his skin bleed. Nothing from vets have worked. After two weeks taking the All-Itch & Immunity treats the itchy rash has gone and the scratching has stopped. One happy Dachshund and owner!


Tried the calming supplements on my hyperactive Pointer puppy, adjusting the dosage accordingly as per the instructions. No luck, absolutely no difference at all, and mentioned this on their Facebook page. My post was immediately removed, and I was blocked from making any further comments. So, I contacted them on their website, they were quite helpful, and refunded me money, but then asked that I might make a more favourable review!!! ( I haven’t, since I’m still blocked). Just seems very false that they only allow and print glowing reviews, and any negative ones are immediately deleted, and the reviewer is blocked??!! All a bit fishy. And very expensive too!!

Linda Wilson


Having analyzed Nutripaw products, It won’t be wrong to say that the products are good to an extent. Except the Calming supplement that does not really calm the dogs anxiety as the website claims. Therefore, potential customers should tread with caution.

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