Being a tall man or woman makes one to look attractive. Some short people most times wishes to heighten their length. Highersocks promises to be promote height growth. Could that be true? Read this my honest reviews. It exposes the truth about this Heightening Booster Socks.

What Is Highersocks?

It is Far Infrared Schorl Titanium Ion Heightening Booster Socks that claims to be made with Polyester and Spandex which makes it to be breathable, comfortable to wear all day without irritating your feet skin. Highersocks claims to have the has the feature of unique combination of far infrared technology, Schorl mineral, and titanium ions to stimulate blood flow and promote height growth.

Highersocks stimulate bioelectricity acupoints and promote height growth.

Could this claims be true? Don’t believe it yet. Below is my honest review.

My Experience Buying Highersocks Heightening Booster Socks

As a short young lady I have faced humiliations and i have been body-shamed in different occasions. When I saw this Highersocks Heightening Booster Socks Description, I told myself to give it a trial. It could be my answered prayer.

I ordered Highersocks Heightening Booster Socks from Amazon. It took one week for the socks to arrive. I unboxed and was totally disappointed. It just seems like my younger brother’s school socks except some parts have dots. There is nothing so special I see that could make one increase in height.

Nevertheless, I decided not to condemn it yet. I wore is on and waited for some minutes to know if I see changes. It was just like I wore a socks that was kept under the sun for sometime. It was a bit war, on my legs especially the areas with dots. After ten minutes, I noticed that nothing like growth or increase in height happened to me.

Does Highersocks Heightening Booster Socks Helps To Increase Height?

The short answer to this question is a capital NO. Though, the socks is of good quality and makes one comfortable while wearing it. It has nothing to do with increment of height. Its claims to promote height growth is just a well encrypted lies. My experience buying it thought me that.

Better Alternative to Increase In Height.

  • Instead of looking for a pill or device to perform magic in your growth. These are things to do-
  • Inculcate the habit of proper diet and nutrition.
  • Exposure To Sunlight.
  • Stretching And Exercise. Exercise is extremely crucial to gain good height as growth is stimulated when the body is being exercised and stretched.
  • Proper Sleep.

Things That Entice Me This Titanium Ion Heightening Booster Socks

  • It helps keep your feet soft.
  • Protects our feet from germs, blisters, and conditions like Athlete’s Foot.
  • The socks keep feet warm and dry

Things That Do Not Entice Me About This Titanium Ion Heightening Booster Socks

  • It does not meet my expectation of increasing my height
  • When I wore It overnight, it made my feet to be unable to breathe properly
  • It increased my blood pressure


Highersocks claims to be a special product that promotes height growth, making it a popular choice for people like me who wants to appear taller. The socks did nothing to make me look taller. It only gave me the comfort an ordinary socks could give. Therefore, potential customers should tread with caution.

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