is a website that sells different designs of furniture at a very cheap rate. The website claims to sell quality outdoor sofas, dining chairs, outdoor hanging chairs and much more. However, a lot of customers are asking too know if this website is genuine or scam and for that reason, we have carried out our investigations on this website in order to ascertain if it is a reliable online store or not.

On that note, you will find this review useful if you want to shop from this store or if you have already ordered from the store but have not received what you paid for yet.

Reasons Why We Consider Unsafe For You: as an online store lacks the basic and most important features a genuine online store should have and that, we are going to be discussing in this section this review.

In addition to that, we will be exposing some of the major tricks used by scammers to lure unsuspecting customers and the possible ways to avoid becoming a victim.

Livingversa Store Has No Business Address

There is no business address provided on this store. This simply means that the people behind this store are hiding its true nature.

There is also a problem of customers not knowing where their goods are coming from. This is a red flag that should not be ignored. Sell Their Products At A Comparatively Low Price.

One of the major ways to identify a fraudulent website is by looking at the prices with which they sell their goods or the percentage of discount they offer.

That is because, scam stores are known to sell goods at a very cheap price, they offer discounts above 40%, sometimes claiming to be on promo but at the end, they leave the customer in regrets.

These fraudulent companies most times to not send any goods to the customer and sometimes, they send inferior product that are way below the expectation of the customer.

The Website Has No Strong Customer Support System

By customer support system we mean channels of communication between the store and the customers as well as other modalities that makes it easy for a customer to lay complain to the store and get a prompt help or response in return.

looking at, the only available communication channel is the There is no phone number or physical address provided and the question is- What happens if one’s mails are not replied to and what if a customer has an urgent need to contact the store? Of course, the customer will be stranded.

Therefore, a genuine online store should have multiple means of communication for easy and fast communication with customers. A minimum of two phone lines, an Email address and a physical office address should also be made available to customers.

The website Has No Official Social Media Page

Another Reason for which we consider unsafe for you is their absence on social media platforms. A genuine online store does not shy away from social media platforms, rather they utilize them as an alternative means of communication and business promotion.

On the other hand, websites owned by scammers do not operate social media, this is because aggrieved customers may storm their page to expose their fraudulent acts. Has Poor Security Features

Again, has poor security features that makes it prone to hacking. This is because, it is not protected with McAfee or Norton which are known to provide better security for websites.

The Website Is Newly Registered

Lastly, is newly registered website, it was registered on the 15th of May 2023 and is due to expire on 15th of May 2024. This means that the website has no track record and thus, can easily be discarded.

Is A Legit Or Scam Online Store?

Generally speaking, we suspect that is not a genuine online store, this is because the website lacks some of the most important features of an online store. As stated above, the online store has no physical address, no parent company name and no official phone number too.

Summery-Things To Verify Before Shopping From An Online Store

  • The padlock in the address bar
  • The company’s social media presence
  • Review the company’s contact Us info
  • Verify the website’s trust seal

Conclusion On

We advise customers to beware of because it is likely to be a scam store. We discovered some red flags on the website and these red flags maybe too dangerous to ignore. On that note, customers should carry out investigations before making any financial commitment with the store.

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