Do you want to buy Kobeena hair straightner– a new hair straightener with tourmaline ceramic coating? Do you wish to know if this kobeena straightener is good for your hair or not?

Please read this because we have a lot to tell you about this product, you deserve to know how it works and if it is worth your money or not.

About Kobeena Hair Straightner

Kobeena hair straightener is a ceramic tourmaline ionic flat iron hair straightener. This device is equipped with a four-gear temperature adjustment to accommodate all kinds of hair texture and a tourmaline ceramic coating to protect hair from heat and also insures uniform heat delivery with a smooth glide.

The device also has a scissor handle tail design that allows for easy use and ensures the faceplate lamination process closely fits so that each hair strand is clipped.

Features Of Kobeena Hair Straightener

  • Tourmaline ceramic coating protects hair from heat.
  • Four adjustable temperature settings suitable for all hair types.
  • Dry and wet dual use steam for hair care.
  • 30 minutes standing time- Device turns off automatically after 30 minutes for safety purpose.

How To Use Kobeena Hair Straightener

  1. Plug in and turn on your kobeena straightener
  2. Using the temperature changing button which is located behind the bottom of the handle, select your desired temperature.
  3. Use a wide-tooth comb or gentle brush strokes to brush out and detangle your hair prior to styling.
  4. Insert a 1 inch to 1.5 inch section of hair between the two plates.
  5. Starting near your hair’s roots, smoothly and evenly glide the plates down.
  6. Glide your kobeena platinum+ flat Iron from root to tip evenly and at a gentle pace. Gradually increase your pace as you see fit.

How To Get Curls And Waves With Kobeena Hair Straightener:

To get curls and waves in your hair with Kobeena platinum+ flat iron: slightly position your iron around the mid-shaft of your hair and twist the iron (In your preferred direction) as you glide the iron downwards, from mid-shaft to end tip of your hair.

Temperature Recommendations For Different Types Of Hair

  • 410-460°F for thick hair
  • 354-410°F for normal textured hair
  • 338-392°F for delicate and fine hair
  • Less than 338℉ for oil treatment

Pros Of Kobeena Hair Straightener

Uniform Heating: The ceramic plates deliver uniform heating with a smooth glide.

Fast Heat-Up: An efficient heating element that enables 15 seconds fast heating,

30 Minutes Auto-off: The device turns off automatically after 30 minutes to insure safety and prevent any form of hazard

Dual Use: Kobeena can be used in dry or wet straightening process.

Temperature Adjustability: The temperature of the device can be adjusted to suit any kind of hair texture

Easy To Use: The scissor design, seamless joint and closely fitting face plates allows for easy and efficient use.

Cons Of Kobeena Hair Straightener

Product is new: Kobeena hair straightener is a new product and as such information regarding its efficiency is still very little.

Expensive: The product is a bit costly.

Is kobeena Hair Straightener Good for Hair ?

In conclusion, Kobeena hair straightener by virtue of its features seem to be a good product with great prospect. Many positive customer reviews were seen but only on the kobeena website, however we are not satisfied with these reviews seen on kobeena website because they my have been manipulated.

Again, all the reviews seen on the kobeena website were all positive reviews, does that mean kobeena hair straightener is a perfect product with zero shortcomings? Of course not. Therefore, we urge potential customers to carry out further studies on this product before going ahead to purchase it.

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