Do you want to know about Slick Barrier? Are you considering buying it to get rid of insects and pests so as to stay comfortable both in your home and business place? Go through this Honest Review to find out if it really works or a sham.

Slick Barrier: What Is It?

It is a design specialty clear coatings and films that are applied to the home’s foundation or a few inches off the ground stopping pests from climbing the exterior walls and preventing entry into a home. Slick Barrier comes in two versions- Water Base and solvent-based coating both of which are needed for a successful treatment Slick Barrier isn’t just for insects – it’s also effective at deterring other pests like rodents and squirrels from climbing your walls and causing damage.

One Slick Barrier Home Kit is good for approximately 200 Linear Feet at 2-3 inches height. Some homes and businesses may require additional materials depending on height of area being covered and how porus the surface is.

The Slick Barrier Starter Kit comes with a brush, gloves, and cup, along with 2 quarts of the Slick. Instructions on how to apply the products is included in your kit.

The Invention Of Slick Barrier

Aaron and Tony have been friends since childhood. The idea for Slick Barrier came to Aaron’s mind when he moved into a house infested by scorpions. While figuring out ways to get rid of the pests, he noticed that they were unable to climb up the sides of a plastic container. Although that made him think of a method to keep the insects out without harmful chemicals, he had to put his plan into motion once a scorpion bit his son. Eventually, Aaron tied up with Tony, and the two found a way to turn their idea into a product.

How To Use:

  • Simply apply 1-2 coats of the water-based coating
  • Followed by 1 coat of the solvent-based coating to keep crawling insects out.
  • You can water down the water base coating 4 parts to 1 part water.

What We like About Slick Barrier: 

  • Slick Barrier is effective for both home and business place.
  • It destroys insects and pests like rodents, squirrels etc.
  • The Slick Barrier Starter Kit comes with a brush, gloves, and cup, along with 2 quarts of the Slick

What We Do Not Like About Slick Barrier:

  • No one has given any positive reviews online about the product yet.
  • It could lead to major eye problem if it mistakenly touches your eyes.


Slick Barrier destroys any insects and pests like rodents, scorpions, squirrels etc.. However, there is no customer reviews online about it and could lead to serious eye problem when it touches the eyes. Therefore, customers should tread with caution.

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