Miyanxi tooth powder is a dental care product that claims to bring whitening effect to the teeth. Further more, there are also claims that the product is efficient in the removal of stains from the teeth especially, those caused by smoking and coffee drinking.

In this review, I will be sharing with you my experience after using miyanxi tooth powder for two weeks and I hope you will find this honest review helpful if you are planning to buy this product.

Miyanxi  tooth powder

What Does Miyanxi Tooth Powder Claim Do?

Tooth whitening

Miyanxi tooth powder is really fast and effective to whiten teeth, can easily remove stains from coffee, tea, smoking and yellow teeth

Stain removal

Miyanxi tooth powder is really fast and effective to whiten teeth, can easily remove stains from coffee, tea, smoking and yellow teeth. It reveals a brighter smile, hides stains and improves overall brightness.

Refreshes breath

Miyanxi tooth powder is light yellow and with mint flavor, it can refresh the breath and removes bad breath.

Deep oral cleaning

Miyanxi tooth powder penetrates the gaps in the enamel to remove food particles and deep stains embedded in them. Leave no residue, help effectively clean your teeth and make your smile more beautiful.

How To Use Miyanxi Tooth Powder

To use miyanxi tooth powder, slightly wet your toothbrush with water then collect appropriate quantity of the powder by dipping your brush into the powder.

Then gently brush your teeth in a small gentle cycles for 2 minutes and finally. rinse your mouth thoroughly.

Product Description

Name: Miyanxi tooth powder
Efficacy: Removes tooth stains, whiten teeth, freshen breath and protects tooth gums.
Package content: 1/2/3 pcs of tooth powder
Net content: 50g/ml

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How much is miyanxi tooth powder? Answer $19.99 on amazon.

Where can i buy miyanxi tooth powder? AnswerIt is available on amazon and other websites.

Is Miyanxi tooth powder good for kids? Answer – Yes, it can be used by

How Often should i use miyanxi tooth powder? Answer- Daily

Does miyanxi tooth powder have side effects? Answer- No side effect recorded yet.

Is Miyanxi Tooth Powder Truly A Good Good Tooth Powder?

Judging from my personal experience with miyanxi tooth powder, it is not totally a bad idea to use the product as it gives a refreshing feeling after each use. However, the claims that it whitens the teeth is not true as i did not see any significant change in the color of my teeth during this period.

In conclusion, miyanxi tooth powder is a good product for the cleaning of the teeth as it aids thorough cleaning of the teeth and refreshes breath. However, It is not true that the product brings about teeth whitening as i did not notice such as i was using the product.

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