Have you been struggling with overweight and you are looking for an easy and effective way to loose weight? Has someone told you about slimcrystal water bottle and you want to know the truth about it?

You are at the right place, this review exposes the real truth about this slimming water bottle, here i will be discussing my personal experience with this slimming water bottle after using it for one whole month.

This Honest and unbiased review will help you understand how this product work thereby making it easier for you to know if drinking with this crystal water bottle truly brings about weight lose or not.

Slimcrystal water bottle

What Is Slimcrystal Water Bottle

Slimcrystal water bottle is a water bottle that contains crystal that brings about weight lose when one drinks the crystal water. The slimcrystal water increase the body’s metabolic rate by 23%, enhance detoxification process and improves mood.

In addition to the above, the makers of this water bottle claims it has a lot of medicinal advantages and it is generally good for the body. They claim that the crystal contained in this water bottle is usually employed in traditional medicine and that, drinking from it rapidly increases the blood oxygen level thereby increasing energy and performance.

Claimed Benefits of Slimcrystal water Bottle

Can Help you loose weight:

According to the makers of this water bottle, Drinking the sliming water content of this water bottle increases the body’s resting metabolic rate by 23% thereby making one to lose weight.

Increases Energy

There are unproven claims that the crystals contained in this bottle increases the oxygen content of water which when taken by an individual increases oxygen availability in the persons blood stream within a very short period of time leading to more energy.

Mood enhancement

As quoted from the official website of the company producing this water bottle, drinking water from the crystal water bottle increases your inner vibration so you can attract abundance and happiness in your life.

Health Benefits:

In addition to the above benefits, the producers of this water bottle claims it can be helpful in the management of certain health conditions such as, indigestion, detoxification, hormonal imbalance and obesity.

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: slimcrystal
  • Package Dimensions: ‎32.99 x 11.3 x 8.71 cm; 621 Grams
  • Size: one size
  • Material: crystal
  • Shape: Round
  • Batteries Included? No
  • Batteries Required? No
  • Item Weight: 621kg

Does Slimcrystal Water Bottle Truly Help One To Lose Weight? My findings!

I decided to buy the slimcrystal water bottle in a bid to find out the truth about it and on that not i will be giving account of my experience with the product.

I used the slimcrystal water bottle consistently for two months, to make sure i give it enough time to produce results. Before using the water bottle, I noted down my body weight and continued to do so throughout the 3 months of using the product, this was for an easy tracking of any change in weight during the use of the sliming water. I also monitored my feeding pattern making sure my weight is not influenced by my feeding feeding habits.

In the first week of drinking the slimming water, i did not notice any significant change on my weight, my weight before the start of this process was 61k and after using the product for two weeks my weight was 60kg.

My weight remained virtually the same until the end of the second month when i began to see a gradual increase on my weight back to 60.5kg and at the end of the 3rd month, my weight went back to 61kg.

Generally, i did not notice any physiological challenge that i can attribute to the use of this water, there was also no stomach upset or allergic reaction noticed during this period.


From my practical experience with slimcrystal water bottle, Drinking from it did not work for me despite taking it for period of 3months while maintaining a monitored feeding pattern. On that note, i advise customers not to put high hopes on this water bottle and its sliming water as a major process of weight control.

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