Do you want to buy Milemax fuel saver? do you want to know if this devise truly reduces your cars fuel consumption rate? This you will find this review useful.

Milemax is a device that claims to reduce fuel consumption by 35% and improve vehicle’s performance. Are these claims true or mere hype? Lets find out!

What Is Milemax Fuel Sever?

MileMax is said to be fuel saving gadget that helps get more miles per gallon while improving the throttle. Milemax fuel saver is designed to connect to a vehicle’s engine control unit via the OBD-II port- a standard feature seen on majority of vehicles made since 1996 in the United States.

MileMax saver optimizes the performance of a car by altering the settings of it’s engine control unit, such as boost pressure, injection timings, and fuel injection giving rise to a more efficient system while maintaining other dynamic features of the car.

The changes made on the engine control unit by this device is is not permanent, the engine returns to its original settings once the device is disconnected from the OBD-II port.

Features Of Milemax

Wide Compatibility: MileMax is compatible with a wide range of cars especially cars produced in the United states within the past 27 years. this is possible by virtue of the OBD-II port which is a standard feature seen in these cars.

Enhances Car Performance: The devise increases torque by increasing pressure, optimization of fuel pressure, adjustment of injection timing, and regulation of fuel quantity.

Minimization Of Fuel Consumption:  Milemax helps in reducing fuel consumption through remapping of the engine control unit thereby reducing expenses made on fuel purchase.

Adaptability: After driving approximately 150 miles, the MileMax device will adapt to the driver’s individual driving style to maximize its self-adjustment capabilities and ensure optimal performance.

MileMax improves engine control unit efficiency and performance by optimizing On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) protocols, leading to overall improved car performance.

How To Use MileMax Fuel Saver

To efficiently and effectively use milemax fuel saving gadget, the following steps should be carefully taken

The installation process is started by carefully removing the device from its pack then link the device to the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD2) Engine Control Unit (ECU) port which is located under the dashboard.

Drive your car for about 500 miles, this is needed for the device to adjust fully to the drivers driving habits for a better performance.

once the care has completed the required distance and engine control unit optimization process completed, the fuel consumption of the vehicle significantly reduces.

Does Milemax Really Reduce Fuel Consumption?

There is no strong evidence that milemax reduces vehicle’s fuel consumption rate. OBD-II port where the device is connected allows telematic devices to silently process information such as engine revolution, vehicle’s speed fault codes, fuel usage etcetera.

However, the makers of this device told us it brings about fuel conservation and improves the vehicle’s engine performance but failed to provide a verifiable information on how the device does that. They could not tell us how the milemax saver influences the fuel combustion process or the fuel molecules in order to bring about fuel saving and enhanced engine performance.


Because the makers of milemax fuel saver could not establish in scientific terms how this device influences the engine to bring about fuel conservation, we do not consider it a good measure to be taken while trying to reduce a vehicles fuel consumption. However, we recommend that car owners should take the following measures to conserve fuel

  • keep the car windows closed to reduce air resistance.
  • Keep tires pumped up to reduce rolling resistance.
  • Remove unnecessary contents from the trunk, Every 50kg weight in your trunk increases your vehicles fuel consumption by 2%.
  • Cruise in top gear, it make the engines to go through less RPM and thus, reducing fuel consumption.

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