Are you looking for a durable vacuum cleaner to buy? Do you want to know if Britech vacuum cleaner is a good option for you? Please go through this honest review, we have got lots of helpful information to give you about this product. We are also going to let you know what other people who used this vacuum cleaner have to say about it’s performance.

What Is Britech Cordless Vacuum Cleaner?

Britech cordless cleaner is a vacuum cleaner manufactured and marketed by a company named Britech. Britech claims that this vacuum cleaner has strong suction power and captures dusts thoroughly. It could also be used to clean woods, pet hairs, carpets and floor. The instrument is equipped with many features and accessories which we are going to discuss below.

Britech cordless vacuum cleaner

Features And Specifications Of Britech Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

1. Doul Power Mode

This instrument is equipped with a dual power function mode. This enables the instrument to perform a quick clean or a thorough clean.

2. Battery powered

The instrument is powered with a 2000mAh lithium battery which enables this instrument to work for a very long time after a single full charge. According to the manufacturer, the working duration of this vacuum cleaner is estimated is sad to be 30 minutes.

3. LED Display

Britech cordless vacum cleaner is equipped with a LED display system. The LED display is also touch sensitive which enables one to manipulate the instrument easily. the display system also shows information about the battery life of this vacuum cleaner.

4. Design

Acording to the producer, this cleaning instrument is designed for easy use. The instrument is cordless, has a light weight with long expandable neck for good performance and easy access to tight spaces for thorough cleaning. The LED display also makes it easy to check the battery life and control the speed speed of the instrument.

Customer reviews

Below are some of the numerous review comments made by customers concerning this product. these comment were made on Amazon and ebay by customers who bought and used this vacuum cleaner.

This is a great cordless vacuum! I have a small apartment (about 960sq ft) and I’m able to vacuum every inch without it losing its charge. The hook it comes with to hook it to the wall is great for storage and making sure it’s always charged. Would definitely recommend for a small space. I have 3 kids so they’re pretty messy and it cleans up their messes pretty well.

Moly Breen

It has only rubber on head no brushes so it’s only good for hardwood floors not carpet.

Manny Arredondo

It’s ok the attachment holder that screws in the wall. The attachments are stuck and I cannot remove them. The company suggested I used oil to remove them. I tried. And failed…. The attachments are very cheap feeling. Overall it’s ok…. Like it picks up floor dust the battery will die fast if you use it on the high power mode. And it takes forever to charge

Whitney Holman

Battery life is not as good as my old cordless vacuum cleaner

M.L Camp

20 percent charge in over 3 hours seem extremely long for me. Disappointed


The battery charge doesn’t last very long.


The battery drains quick when on area rug setting, it otherwise it works great. Looking to buy spare battery
So I can finish.
But it is light and powerful without it being loud.
Did ask for the bast rated stick vacuum and Britech came up. Glad I made the choice.

P.E Higgins

 love everything about this vac except the battery. It drains too quickly. But since I just use it for quick spot messes it’ll do for now. Its so easy to use and light weight. Overall I’m glad I bought it.

Lorianne C Hohenstern


After taking a critical look at the features of Britech cordless vacuum cleaner and the review comments from customers who used the product, one will notice that majority of the customers made positive comments on the vacuum cleaner. Negative comments where seen on the issues regarding the battery life and its charging time. majority of the customers complained of short battery life and long charging time. The comments on the functionality of this vacuum cleaner were majorly positive, customers praised it’s suction power, light weight, easy movability and adjustability.

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