Did you order goods from Patever Warehouse store located at patever.store? Are you wondering why you are yet to receive your goods from patever store after a long time of making payment? Do you want to know if this website is scam or legit? If so, the information contained in this article is for you, please read through for honest answers.

What is Patever Warehouse Store?

Patever.store is a website that displays clothes of different makes and designs for sell. The website claims to sell quality clothing like t-shirt dresses, neck sweater, pants, tops etc. to all parts of the world at a very cheap rate. According to the website, their goods are sold at such cheap prices because they do not operate many physical stores thereby cutting down on rent.

Website Specifications

Web Site: www.paterver.store

Company Name: Not Provided

Company Address: Not provided on the website

Date Of Registration: 2023-03-02

Date Of Expiration: 2024-03-02

Phone Number: Not provided on the website

Email: patever@gmail.com

Shipping Policy: Normal delivery time at 10-25 days and free shipping for order cost above $39.99

Return policy: Customers can apply for refund within 14 days of receipt.

Red flags Of Patever Warehouse Store

No Business Address

There is no business address provided on this store. This imply means that customers cannot reach this store if there is is need to return any item. This is a red flag that should not be overlooked.

Poor Customer Support

There is no phone number provided on this website, no company name and office address. A good website where products are sold is supposed to have in it different channels for easy communication between the website owners and the customers. The absence of these communication channels does not speak good about this company. Also the absence of physical office address is not to be ignored, a good and genuine online store should have a physical address where customers can run to if there is a need.

Recently Registered

According to Lookup.icann (domain checker) Patever.store website was recently registered on March 2023. It is even up to six months old. This is dubious as most problematic stores use new domain names.

High Discount Rate

This website sells items at a very cheap rate. It is not customary for a website that is less than two months of age to sell goods with a very high discount rate. Scammers are known to use this method to lure unsuspecting customers.

Absence Of Social Media Handle

Social media is another important aspect of E-commerce, it is suspicious therefore for an online store that claims to sell products to people globally not to have social media handle.

Lacks Quality

Have you noticed that the faces of some models on this website were cropped out? This simply means that the images are not originally from this store. They were cropped out from another website. Hence, customers are likely to receive goods of low quality that are quite different from the advertised ones.

Tips To Know Scam Online Stores:

For you not to fall victim for this kind of scam, I have made a thorough research on how to avoid being scammed. The tips are as follows-

Check the padlock in the address bar: This is important because oftentimes, hackers will use URLs that are very close to the real site’s URL but not quite the same. Look for typos or use Google to see if a search takes you to the same page. Also, look for a padlock icon in the address bar.

Check the company’s social media presence: If the website fails to provide social media icons that takes people to its social media pages, then its authenticity is questionable.

Review the company’s contact info: Another way to know if an online store is legit is by checking its Contact Us information. Check if it has a physical address, email address and phone number.

Verify the website’s trust seal: Check If the website has trust seals such as the TrustedSite certification, are stamps created by a certificate authority (CA) to confirm the legitimacy of a site


Based on our assessments, patever.store does not seem genuine to us, it failed our authenticity test. We found many warning signs that suggests that this website may be owned by scammers, therefore we do not recommend this website to anyone and we advice customers to make further research before making any purchase from this store.

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