Exsanex located at esanex.com is a scam crypto platform that known to lure unsuspecting customers and investors by making promises of huge returns on investments. Unfortunately this website has left many investors in tears due to the dishonest and fraudulent activities perpetuated by the owners of the website.


Just like borodex which claims to have secured Elon Musk’s indorsement, Exsanex has put put a lot of features in place in order to make customers and investors believe that the platform is genuine and trustworthy. However, contrary to the positive image put forward by the website, it is a fake and fraudulent site used by this scammers to reap innocent people of their hard earned money.

Please do not fall for their tricks, read this review to know more about the website and the possible ways to get back your money if you are already a paid to this website.

What Is Exsanex All About?

Exsanex.com is a fake crypto website claiming to give huge return of investments to investors. They lure investors by promising them huge profit. However investors do not get any return when their investment is due for withdrawal.

According to the information on the website, Exsanex.com was founded in June 2018 by one Hank Weizen. The website claims to assist crypto traders in making money and their building portfolios.

However, contrary to the claim that exsanex.com was in 2018, the record on whois shows that the website was created on the 8th of June 2023 and will expire on the 7th of June 2024. This is not the only lie told by the owners of this platform in order to deceive unsuspecting customers and investors.

Why You Should Avoid Exsanex.com

Many customers signed up on this website due to the attractive promises and the fact that they claimed that the platform is indorsed

Currently, the website, exsanex com, just like some other fake websites created by these scammers has been taken down due to complaints from investors because they are unable to make withdrawals from the platform in spite of the promises.

However, we have discovered that these scammers have gone ahead create new websites and platforms with different names claiming to trade BEP20, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and other cryptocurrencies.

Some of the recent websites created by this scammers include; pamonex.com, dovletex.com, and eloxbit.com. On that note, we advise the public to beware of new cryptocurrency websites claiming to offer huge returns as it does not always end well.

Tips To Identify Fake Crypto Currency Platforms

  • They promise huge interest and giveaways.
  • You cannot withdraw your money or they want you to pay more to get your money back.
  • They use new domain names.
  • Negative reviews online about it.

Incase if you have been Scammed

The proper action to take is to go to Exsanex.com and file a dispute within 180 calendar days of your singing up.


Exsanex.com is a confirmed scam cryptocurrency platform that promises to give investors huge returns on their investments, they also promise to help new traders to earn but unfortunately, the platform does not offer any interest to investors and does not allow investors to make withdrawals from the platform.

Again, the website is less than two months old contrary to the claims that it was established in 2018, that is not the only lie told about the website as many customers have complained that the website has failed to keep to its promises, by denying them access to their funds thus, leaving investors in regrets.

And that means your money is gone once you signup on the website and make payments. On that note, we advise investors to avoid exsanex.com and other scam websites such as Okcoin, maxibetex, cashjob borodex and emergency fund.

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