Every parent wants the best for their kids and good nutrition is one of them. Hiya health vitamin is a vitamin formula specially made for children, the makers of this product claim it contains 15 essential vitamins with no sugar and gummies.

This review takes a look at Hiya Vitamin, what it actually contains, how it works and the results so far from parents who have used the product on their children, we hope you find it useful.

What is Hiya Health Vitamin?

Hiya vitamin is a powered chewable formula made with 15 essential vitamins, minerals and a blend of 12 fruits and veggies. In addition to the former, the makers of this product claim it is devoid of sugar and gummy junks.

Instead of sugar, the sweetener used in hiya vitamins includes monk fruit extract, a tropical melon 100 times sweeter than sugar, and mannitol, a sweetener found in strawberries and pumpkins.


Vitamin A

The quantity of vitamin A used here is 360 mcg, vitamin A is good for the eye and improves the body’s immunity.

Vitamin D

25 mcg of vitamin D is used as part of the ingredients contained in this product, it is important for strong bone and good immune system.

Vitamin E

Amount used is 3.5 mcg, vitamin E is good for eyesight, the heart, and immune system.

Vitamin C

40 mg of vitamin C was used. Vitamin C plays important role in maintaining a good body defense system.

Vitamin K

The quantity of vitamin K available in this product is 8 mg. It is known to support blood clotting and bone health.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B1, B5, B7, B9, B12 2 mcg are also present present in this formula.


In addition to vitamins hiya health vitamin contains the following minerals; calcium, iodine, zinc, selenium and manganese.

How To Use

Hiya health vitamin is for kids above two years of age, it is taken once daily and is believed to contain all the nutrients necessary for a healthy child.

Alleged Benefits

  • Enhances growth and development.
  • Improves the child’s body Immunity.
  • Enhances energy and cell growth.
  • Helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth.
  • Improves eye health.
  • Helps a child to maintain good focus, concentration, sleep, and mood.

Does Hiya Health Vitamin work?

Hiya health vitamin is an interesting product with a lot of advantages over other vitamins supplements for kids. Although there are no customer reviews on other websites concerning this product except hiyahealth.com which is the official website of the company, and as expected of a products official website, the reviews are all positive and in favor of the product. However, we do not count on such reviews because they may be biased or manipulated.


Hiya vitamin seem to be a good product going by its rich and nutritious ingredients, It has a lot of advantages over a majority of vitamins available for children. Hiya contains 15 vitamins and minerals in the needed quantity for children, it has no sugar or gummy junks, all these made it standout as one of the most nutritious vitamin supplements for kids. Again, hiya unlike some other vitamins is taken one tablet per day making it easy to be administered to kids.

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