If you are searching for Parkinginvoice.com reviews, you are at the right place! If you are skeptical about the authenticity of Parkinginvoice, search no more because I have all the answers that you seek about this website. I have compiled them in this article. All you have to do is to take your time and go through this honest Parkinginvoice com reviews.

It is my delight to always bring you timely updates on scam related activities from all over the world and how to avoid being scammed. Today’s review is specifically about Parkinginvoice website. It exposes the details about the website.

What Is Parkinginvoice.com Website?

It is a website that claims to issue electronic parking citations. Parkinginvoice.com is said to be based in Hollywood, Florida and issues tickets for private parking enforcement companies across the United States.

On that note, we have carefully carried out research about this website. Keep reading to find out if this website lives up to its claims.

How Does Parkinginvoice.com Website Work?

  • Parkinginvoice.com claims to work with over 200 parking operators nationwide
  • Issues digital citations by mail or email based on license plate scans
  • Cites drivers who park without paying or violate other parking rules
  • Bills drivers directly instead of property owners/managers
  • Has online portal to review and pay citations

Parkinginvoice.com Site Specification

Website’s Name: Parkinginvoice.com

Physical Address: Not Provided

Email Address: Not Provided

Registration Date: 28th December 2021

Expiry Date: 28th December 2024

Payment Method: Credit and debit cards

Service Rendering: Managing packing charge notice

Drawbacks Of Parkinginvoice.com

 Consumer Complaints Of Fraudulent Billing

There are some negative reviews online by people Parkinginvoice.com has rendered their services to. Some complained of receiving tickets for cars they have never owned or parked where cited while some complained of Tickets listing wrong license plate numbers.

Moreover, Tickets issued before or after vehicles were parked on the property and Tickets at lots they paid for parking at via apps or meters were also served to customers.

Poor Customer Support System

Parkinginvoice has failed to provide good means of communication on its website. There is neither an email address nor a phone number provided. This is a red flag that shouldn’t be over looked. So, contesting wrongful tickets say Parkinginvoice.com ignores communication attempts and refuses to overturn unjust citations. Their online dispute process seems designed to automatically reject disputes.

Hence, Parkinginvoice.com provides no clear appeals procedure for contesting unfair or inaccurate tickets. Drivers have no ability to speak to a real person and get facts reviewed properly.

Absence Of Social Media Handle

It is no news that social media marketing has helped various legit businesses to grow, get more traffic and consequently more profits. But this website has failed to have social media presence. This simply means that this site is scared of being dragged by various social media influencers.

Lacks Legally Required Information On Tickets

Legally, there are some key details like precise parking location, violations, hearing/appeal instructions, applicable laws and authenticating agent signature. Parkinginvoice.com tickets lack much of this information.

Class Action Lawsuits Filed

During my in-depth investigation, I found out that Parkinginvoice.com accusing them of illegally issuing tickets and using fear tactics and harassment to extort payments.

How To Avoid Being A Victim Parkinginvoice.com Website!

Examine The Ticket

Be mindful of all details like location, time, plate number and violation stated are definitely accurate. Look for any obvious errors.

Reach Out To Consumer Rights Resources

Find out laws and guidance for your state on limits for private parking operators and defending against invalid citations.

Say No To Unspecified Fines 

If contesting a citation, only pay the base parking fee, not any tacked-on fines without explanation.

Consult Consumer Protection Attorneys 

Remember the court is the last hope of the common man. If you are unable to get inaccurate tickets dismissed, contact a consumer lawyer to discuss liability and defense strategy.

Spread Awareness 

Report scams and unfair experiences online to warn others. Submit copies of scam tickets to watchdog sites. You can file official complaints with the FTC, state attorney general, and consumer protection agencies.

Tips To Know Scam Websites

For you not to fall victim for this kind of scam, I have made a thorough research on how to avoid being scammed. The tips are as follows-

Check the padlock in the address bar: This is important because oftentimes, hackers will use URLs that are very close to the real site’s URL but not quite the same. Look for typos or use Google to see if a search takes you to the same page. Also, look for a padlock icon in the address bar.

Check the company’s social media presence: If the website fails to provide social media icons that takes people to its social media pages, then its authenticity is questionable.

Review the company’s contact info: Another way to know if an online store is legit is by checking its Contact Us information. Check if it has a physical address, email address and phone number.

Verify the website’s trust seal: Check If the website has trust seals such as the TrustedSite certification, are stamps created by a certificate authority (CA) to confirm the legitimacy of a site

Is Parkinginvoice.com Store Legit Or Scam?

Parkinginvoice.com is not a legit website. Despite the fact that it is designed in a legitimate interface. We discover that the website is not credible. The negative reviews and the sites red flags evident that the site is not legit


The website Parkinginvoice.com has failed our authenticity test, and as such we will not recommend it to anyone. Therefore, potential customers should thread with caution.

Have you come in contact with Parkinginvoice.com? Did were their services? Please share your experience with us on the comment session.

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