Do you want to know more about Have you been wondering if this online store is legit or scam? This review will help you with the answers you seek!

In recent time a lot of websites are being created by scammers making it difficult for customers to differentiate between genuine online stores from fake ones. These scammers employ a lot of stratagems to lure unsuspecting customers into their web, sometimes they hide under the name and address of genuine websites to carry out their ugly activities in order to gain peoples trust even without the knowledge of the concerned company.

Therefore we have added in this review some tips that will help you to differentiate between genuine online stores and fake ones.

About claims to be an online store that sells variety of field bar drinks box at a very cheap price. According to the data on the website, the capacity of the field bar includes- White eggs (min 3 / max 12), Cake dough (max 2,8 kg), Bread/pizza/pasta dough (max 1,3 kg) and Whipped cream (max 1L)

Site Specifications

Web Address:

Company Name:

Website’s physical Address: Not Provided On The Website

Email Address: Not Provided On The Website

Phone Number: Not Provided On The Website

Products Available On The Website: Field Bar, Smeg Mixers, Smeg toaster etc.,

Payment Method: credit/debit card

Store Policies

Shipping Policy: According to the website, the company offers worldwide shipping, order processing takes 1 to 3 days excluding weekends and holidays. Customers are to expect their goods between 20 to 30 days of placing an order.

Refund Policy: Customers have 14 days to return goods they are not satisfied with provided;

  • Items are brand new and not used.
  • Faulty items damaged/broken, or soiled upon arrival.
  • The item is intact in its original packaging.
  • Items received in the correct style/color.

Features Of

Positive Features

Positive Reviews

There are some positive reviews on Trustpilot about website. Some customers that shopped from it gave them flowers. Saying that their customers service are topnotch.

See reviews below

Great customer service. We received goods that were damaged in transit, and they were wonderful to deal with and replaced them quickly and very politely. When they were out of our item, they let us choose another similar product, and took off the 99 cents more that it would have cost us for the similar product. We recommend them!

Simon Dee

Negative Features

Negative Reviews

There are some negative reviews on Trustpilot about website. Some customers that shopped from it labelled it scam. Saying that their delivery is very slow.

See what a customer has to say-

My expected delivery date is 16 days after I placed my order. I don’t live in Australia and am not sure if this is normal but it seems a long time. I live in Ireland and Irish orders are usually within a few days sometimes the following day, European orders may take a week , 10 days at most. I also recieved no delivery information, just an order placed conformation email. It took 2 emails and 4 days wait from me to get a response from KW. I will not use this site again.

Angela Vaughan Red Flags

  • No business address: There is no business address provided on this website. This simply means that the people behind this store are hiding its true nature.
  • Absence of social media link: There is no social media link on the website
  • Poor Customer Support: There is no contact number on the website for customers to call when they have an urgent need to contact the company especially when their mails are not attended to.
  • Absence of customer reviews: The website has no customer reviews or customer ratings on it. customer reviews help potential customers to have an idea of what other customers experiences were like.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is contact address? Answer: Not Provided On The Website

What is trust score? Answer: The website’s trust score according to Scamdoc is 1%

What mode of payment does the store accept? Answer: Credit and debit cards

What category of items does the website sell? Answer: Field Bar, Smeg Mixers, Smeg toaster etc.,

Is A Genuine Or Scam Website? as an E-commerce website has a low trust score of about 1%, this level of trust score is not a good one for a store that sells products to people from different parts of the world. This low trust score indicates that this website lack some important features necessary for an online store, some of which we discussed under the negative highlights of the website. In view of all these, we advice customers to carry out more investigations on this online store before engaging in any financial transaction with the stare.

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Tips For Spotting Scam Websites And Online Stores:

Verify Their Physical Location: Absence of a physical office address or presence of a fake address is a major way to detect a scam E-commerce store. Do the following to verify an address; Copy the address provided on the website and past on your Google browser, then click on the search button. The details of the address will be displayed on google map for you to see if the address truly belong to the store or not.

Check Reviews: It is important you checkout what other customers have to say about the store you are about to shop from. You can do this by going through the customer reviews if available on the website, you can also visit the stores social media page (if any) to see what customers have to say about the store. However, in the absence of reviews, we are always available to help you know if a store is legit or not, all you have to do is to send us a mail via our contact us page.

Social Media Handle: We advice you check out the social media handle of an online store before shopping from them. Absence of social media handles do not speak well about and online store. Social media is an important marketing tool used by online stores and other business owners to create awareness and promote their business.

However, fake online stores shy away from social media because they do not want to be dragged on social media by their victims. It is also important for customers to know that fake online stores sometime place a nonfunctional social media icons on their website, therefore we advice customers to click on these social media icons to see if they will be directed to the store’s official social media page or not.

Check the Age And Details Of The Website: You can visit to verify the age of a website and its other details. To achieve this, go to or whois, type in the name of the website and click on the search button. once you do this, the details of this website will be available on the website.


From our findings, is just like Chitios, Holzboom, online stores that we have reviewed is not trustworthy online stores. As a result of this, We cannot vouch for its authenticity. Hence, customers are advise to tread with caution. Don’t forget Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at Reach out to them and report scam websites.

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