Facebook users are recently receiving a scam text saying – Look Who Died In An Accident. If you see this in your messenger, don’t dare click on it. Beware! It is a scam!

Many people has fallen for this Look Who Died In An Accident scam Text. This article is an eye opener. It will really be helpful to you. See what a victim has to say below-

All I get on Facebook Messenger these days are hacked accounts sending scam links that say “Look who died in an accident I think you know him so sorry”

It bothers me that those fool people because only a psychopath would send you a link when someone you love has died.

 MooMoo Selca Dude (@MooMooSelcaDude) March 12, 2023

What Is Look Who Died In An Accident Facebook Scam All About?

Look Who Died In An Accident Scam Text is a recent social media scam that is currently trending on Facebook and TikTok. It is a fraudulent message sent by scammers who intend to defraud people. The messages pretend that you should look because you should see who died in an accident in order to get you to click a scammy link. It says -look who died in an accident” message to users as if a friend died in an accident, which might appear legitimate since it’s coming from a friend

I vehemently advice that you don’t dare click on the link. It contains some malwares that could compromise your Facebook account and be harmful to your phone or laptop.

According to DataProt, once you open the message, you will be prompted to log in again and the scammers will be able to view your credentials and steal them.

The Text Comes In This Format

How To Know Look Who Died In An Accident Is A Facebook Scam.

The messages don’t have to be about someone who potentially died. Instead, it could be something else entirely. All the scammers need to do is show a link that, once clicked, allows them to take over your account, and they will have succeeded in their goal of hacking.

Someone asking you to move the conversation to email instead of remaining on Facebook Messenger.

Spelling and grammatical errors or excessive use of capitalization and exclamation points.


Having seen what Look Who Died In An Accident Facebook Scam entails and how it works, It is of your best interest not to click on the link or call back their any number attached to the message if or when you receive such message. Instead, delete the message instantly and don’t forget to inform you loved ones to be aware. The text is just like Digitalizze Scam Text.

You can share your experience on the comment session if you have received this scam text.

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