There is an ongoing scam that says Spectrum is offering 50% Off. Many Spectrum customers have received this scam message claiming to be Spectrum with an offer of 50% off your service.

Condition is you have to pay 7 months in advance and for the next four years you get the 50% discount. The people that have received this scam text discussed it on Reddit lamenting on how they were being scammed.

Same thing happened to Us too. We had to get our bank involved. It seems to stem from within Spectrum.


This happened to me moments ago. Knew everything everyone else has been describing. They paid my bill and told me about the “Target Promotion” and that they need me to get $450 in Target gift cards and call their billing department’s direct line to supply them with the card numbers. That was when i googled and found this thread.


Why Should You Trust Us?

Getting ripped off online can be very annoying and devastating. Here in the DerealestReviews platform, we the cybersecurity analysts have taken the responsibility of writing on various kinds of scams. ranging from online store scams, phishing scams, fake products etc. on daily basis. Today, we have brought to you the details about Spectrum 50% Off Scam Call. Therefore, it is of your best interest to read through this article so as to avoid falling a victim.

The Truth About Spectrum 50% Off Scam.

 Spectrum is the trade name of Charter Communications, it is widely used by market consumers and commercial cable television channels, internet, telephone, and wireless service providers.

Recently. scammers are impersonating this noble brand calling people and pretending to be Spectrum representatives to get their personal identifiable information and security identifiable information so as to use the data to steal money and identities.

How To Identify Spectrum Scam

Offers Fake Discounts To Lure People

Spectrum is not offering 50% discount on your monthly Spectrum bill. It is just tactics to steal your financial information and uses it to empty your bank accounts or make purchases using your credit cards

Targets Your Gift Card

Once the scammer pitches their scheme (like 50% off service or discounted equipment), they ask for payment in Target gift cards. Notably, Spectrum does accept certain types of prepaid cards, they do not accept Target gift cards as payment, Therefore, if you are being asked to make payment with gift card, assume you’re being scammed.

Tells You To Upgrade Your Equipment

Sometimes, the message tells you to upgrade your modem, router, or other equipment at a discount, offering a small one-time fee or low monthly payments. In the course of doing that, the scammer get access to your personal data and steals your financial details.

Promises Of Free Gifts

The scam also promises free gifts. It is a trap to lure and defraud unsuspecting individuals. The real Spectrum is not giving any gifts to its customers

Is Spectrum 50 Off Bill A Scam?

Yes, it is a scam. Spectrum customers are getting calls that claim they can get 50% off their monthly bill. Don’t be their victim. So many people fallen for it. Beware!

Beware of scam online stores
Beware Of Spectrum 50% Off Bill Scam

Tips To Identify Spectrum 50% Off Bill Scam

  • The malicious message creates sense of urgency telling the possible risk you would face if you don’t comply. Don’t fall for it.
  • Request for your personal and financial information. Spectrum has your details already, so there is no need asking you to submit them.
  • Typos and grammatical errors.
  • Links to other malicious websites

What to Do When You Receive Spectrum 50% Off Bill Scam

  • You Should not click on any attached link or call any number you are being asked to call.
  • Contact Spectrum officially using their verified number or website.


Spectrum 50% Off Bill is an absolute phishing scam. Please don’t be a victim! The message was compiled by cybercriminals with the aim of defrauding people.

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Do These If You Have Been Scammed

Contact your bank or financial institution to cancel the transaction.

Update your passwords

If you used PayPal, contact them and ask them to open a dispute. They will reverse the payment and block the fraudsters

Don’t forget Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at Reach out to them and report the website.


This review is based on our findings and opinion. We may not have all the information needed about the online store. We advise readers to make more research about this phishing scam.

If you have receive this message, feel free to share your experience with us on the comment session.

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