Shefit Sports Bra claims to give perfect fit, serious support and beautiful appearance. I stumbled on its ad on Facebook and I bought it. Are you thinking of buying it too? DON’T do that yet! Read this honest review to know if it will give you the expected result? I have bought the bra and also have taken my time to make a thorough research about it. Please spare some minutes and go through this detailed Shefit Sports Bra reviews .

Branelly Bra

What Is Shefit Sports Bra?

It is said to be an a healthy under wireless bra suitable for all women, no matter what breast size you have. It straps and band are adjustable. It also claims to offer you the comfort you need to focus on what really matters. Keeping your health and the comfort of your chest safe. If you enjoy gymnastics, this bra promises to keep you fit and firm looking.

But are these claims real? Does this bra really lives up to its claims? Keep reading to find out!


As I said, I stumbled on Shefit Sports Bra ad on Facebook and I decided to decided to buy it. Sadly, the bra is a total disappointment. Construction is very poor. It is very low cut, and very bulky looking under shirts. I regret spending my hard earned money buying this sham.

Does Shefit Sports Bra Really Gives You Comfort?

Underwired bra every day increases the risk of breast cancer. Wearing bra can be so disturbing for women. Therefore, we women always go for the type that gives us comfort. Shefit Sports Bra claims to be good alternative as it is Underwireless and ensures the good of your health. However, those claims are false. I never felt comfortable wearing it. Some users who felt its discomfort like me have left some negative reviews on Amazon calling it a scam.

See reviews below-

First, the size chart is WAY off – the cups would have required at least twice the material to actually cover my breasts, and that was with the padding removed – I was literally overflowing out the sides. Then, when you do manage to get a size that fits properly, it looks hideously bulky beneath a shirt, and is PAINFUL to wear – it’s like trying to work out in a corset. I really wanted to like it, and tried readjusting it every possible way, but I can’t even stand to sit idle with it on, it’s so excruciatingly uncomfortable. I thought maybe it was just me, so I let my mom and niece both try it, and neither of them could tolerate it, either – my mom actually left in the middle of the class where she wore it to come home and take it off, it was so bad.

Amazon Customer

These bras are way overkill! I feel like I am wearing a suit of Armour. The shape does not fit right either. They assume everyone needs a size F. I’ve tried several sizes and they are not only extremely bulky and uncomfortable but because of their cup size, they end up not giving the support I need. My $10 Fruit of the Loom cotton sports bra is way more comfortable and ends up giving me more support because it fits better. Their bras are polyester too, which is made from toxic petroleum. When I’m sweating and my pores are open, do I want toxins going into my body? I’ll stick with my cotton bra. Now I have a credit with them also that I can’t use because they won’t give me a refund.


Claimed Benefits Of Shefit Sports Bra

  • Ultimate High Sports
  • Carefully made with an innovative front opening
  • Comes in different sizes

Some Inconsistences Of Shefit Sports Bra

  • Has some negative customer review about it.
  • The offers seems too good to be true
  • The selling website is new


Shefit Sports Bra is said to be an bra suitable for all women. However, it does not live up to its claims. The discomfort that comes with wearing it is so severe. Just like Nomorthan bra and Branelly bra, It does not meet the customers expectation

Have you bought Shefit Sports Bra? Is it worth your money? Please share your experience on the comment session. Thank you for reading!

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