Did you stumble on ads about Flixtagger.com? Do you want to sign up so that you will start working as Netflix video tagger? Read this honest review to find out how this website works, if it’s scam or legit.

About Flixtagger.com

It is a website that claims to be a golden opportunity for people whereby people can join and become a Netflix tagger without any prior knowledge needed. Flixtagger.com is said to offer what is called watch and tag Netflix job.

A lady called Sofia has narrated how she earns almost $3000 a month by simply watching and tagging Netflix on TikTok video . After watching this video, I was prompted to make a thorough research about this Flixtagger com website and guess what? I found out that it is the website does not offer genuine Netflix job.

What Does It Mean To Be A Netflix Tagger?

The job of a Netflix tagger is to ensure that Netflix users get their desired result when the search for movies. For instance, when a user searches for a “romantic movie” the result might be “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” Netflix Tagger provide such result,

However, this kind of job cannot be gotten from Flixtagger as it has no affiliate with Netflix. Such jobs can only be gotten on Jobs.netflix.com It is just a fraudulent website created by scammers to get some private information from people in other to scam and defraud them.

Reasons why Flixtagger.com Website Is A Scam?

Hidden Identity

The identity of the owner of the Flixtagger is hidden. There is absolutely no information about the people behind this website that was provided.

Newly Registered Website

According to who.is {domain checker} This website was recently registered on February 2023. This shows that the website is not even up to six months months old. Therefore, this website has not passed the test of time.

Not secured

Flixtagger is not a well secured website, it is not secured with Norton or McAfee making it highly prone to cyber attack from hackers who may tamper with sensitive and confidential data of customers. When you join, you would be asked to provide you personal information like  your name, address, email address, and Social Security number. This is very risky as scammers would have access to it and could use it to commit any number of crimes/cybercrimes in your name or use the information to hack into your bank account/online accounts.


From my analysis, Flixtagger is claims to a Netflix video tagger job is simply not true. Sofia claims of earning $3000 a month is also not true. In real sense, this kind of job can only be gotten on Netflix official website and the person must be up to 18 years old and has some qualifications in film studies.

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