claims to be a crypto trading platform such as Binance, Cuccoin etc but unfortunately, the website is one of the numerous crypto websites created by scammers to with the aim of stealing from customers and investors.

Do not fall for their tricks, please read this review to know more about the website and the possible ways to get back your money if you have been scammed.

About The Website is a fake crypto website claiming to give huge return of investments to investors. The platform further claims to be an intuitive and user-friendly trading interface that will help make your pastime on the platform as comfortable and easy as possible. Additionally, the website claims to have an advanced risk control system assuring 100% security for trading and digital asset management.

However, the platform does not keep to its promises as investors are denied access to their investments when they wish to withdraw from the platform.

Why You Should Avoid

Majority of people who signed up on this website due to the attractive promises are cureentely complaining,, just like some other fake websites created by these scammers has been taken down due to complaints from investors because they are unable to make withdrawals from the platform in spite of the promises.

However, we have discovered that these scammers have gone ahead create new websites and platforms with different names claiming to trade BEP20, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, and other cryptocurrencies.

Some of the recent websites created by this scammers include;,, and on that note, we advise the public to beware of new cryptocurrency websites claiming to offer huge returns as it does not always end well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i register an account? Go to sign-in, enter your e-mail address, password, and captcha. Click the Login button. Then you can make a deposit or start trading.

What should I do if I haven’t received the confirmation letter? Check the Spam folder first. If you still can not find our e-mails, please contact support.

How can I change my personal data if I do not have access to my account (forgot my password) and to my mail? you can use the link for password recovery – /forgot-password or write your e-mail address and the reason you cannot access it to our e-mail, indicate your latest deposits and actions on the account, how replenishments were made, their amount and screenshots.

What do i need to make changes to the data entered during the verification process? You need to send a written request to our mail –

How to make a currency withdrawal on the exchange? Go to the Balance tab and click on the “Withdraw” next to the desired coin, enter the address and the amount.

On what terms are the requests for withdrawal being processed? After the identity verification, all applications will be made within 24 hours.

How do I cancel a withdrawal request? This option is not available. You can still contact our support, we will do everything possible to help you solve this situation.

How do I replenish my balance? To the Balance tab at the top of the page. To replenish your balance, click “Deposit” next to the desired coin.

What is moontradex Referral Program? Referral – a member of the affiliate program, registered by the recommendation of another member

How does the Referral Program work? Tell your friends about us; Once they register by your referral link; You will receive 40% of the amount of fees paid by them; Your trade commission will be 0.1%.

How to become a member of Referral Program? Select the “Referral Program” section In your account. Here you can find the information about your referrals (invited users), as well as your personal referral link is displayed here. Then Copy and share your personal link

To invite a new referral, just share this link (by copying it or making a repost in social networks). After your referral registers with your link, information about it will be displayed in the “Details about referrals” section (your referrals).

Tips To Identify Fake Crypto Currency Platforms

  • They promise huge interest and giveaways.
  • You cannot withdraw your money or they want you to pay more to get your money back.
  • They use new domain names.
  • Negative reviews online about it.

Incase if you have been Scammed

The proper action to take is to go to the website, and file a dispute within 180 calendar days of your singing up.

Conclusion is a confirmed scam cryptocurrency platform that promises to give investors huge returns on their investments. However, the platform does not offer any interest to investors and does not allow investors to make withdrawals too. And that means your money is gone once you signup on the website and fund your account.

On that note, we advise investors to avoid and other scam websites such as Okcoin, maxibetex, cashjob and emergency fund.

You can also find other helpful reviews here.

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