Have you heard of Red Stripe 105th Anniversary Promotion Subsidy Scam that is currently trending on social media? This scam claims to give you a chance to win gifts and money by answering the surveys. Since March 2023, lots of people have complained of receiving the spam email

It comes in this format –

What Is Red Stripe 105th Anniversary Promotion Subsidy?

Red Stripe is a beer brand that recently announced a slash in their prices of breweries they sell but scammers used the opportunity to defraud people.

The company is aware of this scam and has left a warning- This unauthorized use of Red Stripe’s trade name and trademarks is contrary to the law. Any person/persons engaged in this practice should immediately cease and desist the posting, sharing and broadcasting and re-posting, re-sharing and rebroadcasting of this website link,” the beverage company said.

Clicking on the link exposes you to viruses, spywares, malwares, which are harmful to devices and can hack and destroy your mobile phone. Beware! Instead, visit the company’s website at www.redstripe.com to understand the details about their offers.

No matter how convincing the email seem, don’t be carried away. It is a phishing email and not from a reliable source. The best thing to do if and when you receive this scam text is to block the sender and delete it immediately.


Red Stripe 105th Anniversary Promotion Subsidy Scam is now trending on social media platforms. Don’t be carried away just delete the text message immediately as it is obviously a phishing scam. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Please they should not click on the link if and when they receive such message.

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