In this review article, you will learn more about Cvreoz oral gel restoration whitening gel which claims to improve the dental and oral health condition of pets, especially Dogs.

According to the makers of this product, the gel has the ability to whiten yellow teeth, remove tartar accumulated on teeth, solve dental plaque, and bring a comprehensive and clean oral experience.

Further claims have it that Cvreoz oral gel removes bad breath, relieve tooth sensitivity, gum bleeding, etc. It also solves tooth sensitivity and gum bleeding, repair gum damage and receding gums.


What Are The Composition of Cvreoz Pet Oral Gel?

Baking soda

This aids the removal of tartar that are accumulated on the teeth of a pet and this is due to the presence of mild abrasives in the substance. It also has a neutralizing effect on the acids in the mouth that are responsible for tooth decay.

Galla japonica

Due to its antibacterial abilities, Galla japonica inhibits the growth of enterococcus faecalis and root canal bacteria. In addition Galla japonica, reduces the adhesion of these bacteria to the teeth and also prevents tooth infection and decay.


This substance has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property, thus, it helps in the inhibition of a number of oral bacteria and in the management of tooth gum inflammation.

Triphala also possesses free radical scavenging properties, it can kill streptococcus mutans and inhibit the formation of streptococcus mutans biofilm, so it can effectively remove tooth plaque and protect gingival tissue cells from damage by free radicals and inflammation.

Citric Acid

As a naturally occurring acid found in citrus fruits like lemons, limes, and oranges, citric acid is said to be highly beneficial to oral health due to its tartar-eliminating properties. Citric acid is a common ingredient in oral care products, it helps dissolve mineral deposits on teeth and reduce tartar buildup.

Peppermint Extract

peppermint helps in maintaining good breath, its presence in this product helps to freshen the pet’s breath and leave the mouth feeling clean. It’s menthol content provides a cooling effect and can aid in the masking of foul breath.

German Chamomile

this possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. thus, it is good for relieving bleeding gums and tooth sensitivity.

How Does Cvreoz Pet Oral Restoration Whitening Gel Work?

Cvreoz pet oral gel is formulated with natural and useful substances known to be beneficial to oral health. Thus the combination of these ingredients reduce bacterial build up in the oral cavity, removes tartar and other debris accumulation on the teeth. while the peppermint component makes the mouth feel refreshed and eliminates bad breath.

Is Cvreoz Pet Oral Restoration Whitening Gel A Good Product?

My Experience

Personally, i was also moved by the numerous hypes seen online in favor of this product. However, i was a bit disappointed when i couldn’t get the kind of result i expected after using the gel for two weeks.

According to the reviews online, significant changes are were see from the second day of using the product and according to the manufacturer, 97% of tartar are eliminated after the third day. But this was not the case with my dog as i saw a very little change on the oral health of my dog and only 20% of tartar were eliminated after 3 weeks of use.

Customer Reviews

There are a lot of positive reviews on the Osimcaresshop concerning this product. However it appears that some or all of these reviews were cooked up to promote the product. Example-

The above picture was seen on one of the websites marketing this pet product, it appears to be one of the review pictures from a customer before and after the use of cvreoz pet oral gel. However, a careful look at the picture clearly shows that the two picture are exactly the same but the teeth of the pet was edited to look cleaner in one of the pictures.

This is simply an act of dishonesty on the side of the marketers of the product, It also suggests that all the positive customer reviews seen on the website are fake including the 5 star rating.


Although, the ingredients listed as the composition of cvreoz pet oral restoration gel are all known to be good for oral health, the efficacy of the product is highly over rated online. Again. considering some of the dishonest customer reviews on the some of the websites marketing the product, it is important for customers to know that this product may not practically meet their expectation.

On that note, customers who wish to buy this product should do so with caution to avoid disappointment.

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